The Taiwan Chronicles: Days 3-5


I spent the weekend at Tainan [台南] with Richelle and her roommates! Woo. Gokim brought me to the bus station Saturday morning and I took a 5 hour long bus ride to Tainan. Whew! Richelle picked me up from the station and we walked to yet another bus stop, and then we rode the bus going to her school. We went up to her dorm and I settled in. She introduced me to her roommate DaPing and their other friend ZhiHua. After a while, we left the room and “explored.” We rode a bus going to this area where there were a lot of shops and looked around. Richelle and I bought a shirt! Yay! We were passing time because it was still a bit early to go to the night market. When it was around 7PM (I think), we rode a cab going to HuaYuan Night Market [花園夜市] (apparently the biggest night market in Tainan) and we walked around the WHOLE market. We walked through EVERY “alley” from the entrance all the way to the exit. We ate a lot! Then, we shopped. Bought some cute stuff and we also bought a pair of flats! YAY I’m so happy with what I bought! :)

We were so tired after that, so we took a cab back to the dorm. We rested, talked, etcetc and finally we went to sleep!

We woke up at around 10AM on yesterday and got ready. We rode on motorcycles!! Coool!! I sat behing DaPing and Richelle sat behind ZhiHua. We went to this area (whoops I failed to take note of names!) where we bought jelly tea. Then, we ate at this restaurant that served traditional Tainan snacks. We ordered 2 set meals and divided the expenses amongst ourselves, making it cheaper for all of us. Yay! We also went to Chihkanlou (赤崁樓) and then to Anping (安平). As usual, we ate a lot! By late afternoon, we were so tired so we decided to go back to the dorm. For dinner, we ate at this small noodle house nearby. We also passed by their roommate who apparently is crushed on by a lot of guys at their school. LOL! Late at night, other dorm mates came into the room and brought food. HAHAHA erk!

This morning, I slept in. Then, we ate lunch together. In the afternoon, I sat in 2 of Richelle’s classes. Cool! We passed by this snacks store before they brought me to the bus station where I rode a bus back to Taipei! I got back here at past 10 in the evening! Whew!


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