The Taiwan Chronicles: Day 1


I got here at around 12:30AM last night but I think I spent around 30minutes after getting off the plane to meeting my uncle. I didn’t know that I needed a disembarkation card. I was already in line waiting for my turn when I noticed that the people around me were holding papers. I asked this girl about it and she said that I needed to fill out that paper. Whoops! After that, it took me a couple more minutes to figure out how to fill it out. HAHAHA!

Ooh, wait. I shall start with my arrival at the NAIA Terminal 3 in Manila. Ahia Shin dropped me off at the airport. I was looking for my check-in counter but the lady told me to go to “the other side.” Upon reaching “the other side”, I found out that it was for domestic destinations. I went back to her but she kept pointing me to the other side. I walked around the terminal and I saw this guard, and he told me to go back to the lady because that’s where I was really supposed to go. Frustrated, I just went to the “Travel Tax” counter to pay. Then,  I went back to the lady and she pointed me somewhere else again. I told her that the guard sent me there and she said that I was really supposed to go to the other side. I went to the other side to ask and the lady there told me that the counter was just about to open so I should go back. I went back and finally, the counter opened and the lady let me in. Pffft!!! After checking in my baggage and paying the fee, I went to the next location. I paid the P750 for the airport fee or something, and then went to the immigration area. Then, I walked in through the gates. I filled out the immigration card and finally, I was in! (I sort of forgot the order of things, so I’m not sure if this is still correct!) I waited at the boarding area and finally, we were ready to board! Woo. My seatmate talked to me when we arrived here in Taiwan. She asked for my number in the Philippines, so that she could contact me when she goes back. She goes to the Philippines once a month for business. Eep. I hope she doesn’t call me. She also gave me her business card and she told me to call her so that she could tour me around. HAHA! Never mind.

Going back to my story, I was finally out of the airport. Uncle Jose was waiting for me outside. We went to their house and I met Weiwei! Hahaha we haven’t seen each other in more than 10 years, I think. We drank buco juice and ate ice cream and pizza. After a while, they went to sleep. I slept at around 2:45AM! Lol!

Today, I woke up at around 9:30AM. I ate a croissant for breakfast, and then we left the house. Uncle Jose dropped me off Uncle Peter’s clinic. I walked around the street, and then after a while, I went back to the clinic. We (Uncle Peter and I) left and rode a bus to the city. We dropped by Aunt Maribel’s office to leave my luggage. We ate lunch at this handpulled noodles restaurant. They had free unlimited drinks! You could choose from Coca-Cola, Sprite, and orange juice. Cool! I ate this noodle with pork dish. It also had Chinese ingredients or something. I don’t know half of what I ate. HAHA! It was very delicious though! I was very full!

Then, we rode the MRT to Muzha 木柵. We went to Maokong Gondola 貓空纜車. We entered the gondola but before it was able to “take off”, a call came in saying that there was thunder somewhere so we had to get off. Pffft! They closed down operations and we waited for more than 30minutes but they hadn’t resumed operations so we left. We got our money back.

We went back to the city and walked around. We went to Taiwan Storyland 台灣故事館 but the entrance fee was sort of expensive (200NT) and Uncle Peter told me to enter without him, so I declined. I didn’t want to make him wait. We walked around the mall and then we stopped at the food court. We ate this dish that was made with beef and veggies (like zucchini) that was wrapped in pita bread. It was sort of like shawarma.

As we were walking towards the Presidential Office Building 總統府, we passed by the National Taiwan Museum 國立台灣博物館 and decided to check it out. The guard let us in for free. It was around 4:30PM by this time so I guess the entrance was free. The museum closes at 5PM. We walked around and saw the exhibits. We saw the different tribes of Taiwan, as well as the exhibit on rice-making and the different types of rice. We also saw this exhibit on Camphor [otherwise known as Naphthalene/Moth balls] (and I only found out about this today HAHAHA tss) and Celluloid.

We passed by 228 Peace Park 二二八和平公園 and when we got to the Presidential Office Building 總統府, it was already past 5 and they were having their closing ceremonies. There was a band that played the national anthem and there were soldiers. There were also 2 soldiers on top of the building, and they were lowering the flag. Cool! We also passed by other government offices such as the foreign affairs office, the Prime Minister’s office, etc. We also passed by this huge hospital! I also got to see the Taiwan South Gate (?) and the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial. I shall go back there next week.

Uncle Peter dropped me off at Auntie Maribel’s office again, and I waited for her to finish work. We passed by this small restaurant and she bought these square shaped meatball siopao. Yummy! She also bought soya milk. We ate and drank these on the bus ride home. For dinner, we ate this Korean meal that consisted of yakiniku-ish beef, tofu, and veggies. I’m so full!

We’re going to surprise Roxane later by picking her up from the station. Hee! More walking for me! Okay, ta-ta for now!


About Therese

28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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  1. didn’t get to text you bon voyage! hehe glad you’re enjoying taiwan :D punta ka rin sa astronomical museum, tsaka sa fine arts museum. :) sayang yung mga info though kasi chinese lahat, i couldn’t understand. :)) but your chinese is better than mine, so go v! ah tsaka mga night market, punta ka! haha waiting for pictures! :)


    • You can text me sa Sun ko about random things! Naka-roaming siya eh :) Hmm sige I shall look for that. Saan sila malapit? Do you know? :) Nyerks! Baka di ko rin maintindihan! Medyo natetest nga Chinese ko dito eh. I realized na ang dami kong hindi alam @_@ Gaaah depressing! OH well. I will also try to go to a night market pero kasi naisip ko that’s not fun pag mag-isa eh. Lalo na yung mga eating part dun. :( Boo. Yes! I shall upload them next week. Ang dami na nila by then OH NO! People will be too tamad na to view :( They won’t know the beauty that is Taiwan :> HAHAHAHAHAHA.


  2. info on astronomical: di siya 10minute walk from mrt! haha or maybe it is if you already know how to get there? nag bus kami e, medyo nawala pa.

    na-try namin yung 3d theater, pero chinese yung movie so sayang lang. you get to keep the glasses tho haha. tsaka yung cosmic ride. pero di nag work yung english translation button sa car namin so grrr. :)) parang informational stuff lang siya about the universe; ride is slow, good for tired feet. yung installations/exhibits niya sa loob were interesting enough naman.

    try mo yung imax tsaka yung observatory, sounds awesome. limited time lang kasi kami ni achi nung pumunta kami. hehe

    ooh eto rin i wanted to visit pero didn’t have time

    fine arts museum: cool, may free admission days siya. haha may katabi siyang floral expo pero di open/ang mahal pala niya, wow. my sister is going though :))

    hahaha yes may duty ka while you’re there to pimp taiwan! :))


    • ooh yeah gusto ko rin dapat mga yan puntahan pero mej far pa sila from the station eh. pero sige i shall try :)) lalakarin ko na lang! tingin mo ba worth it yung mga say, 3 day pass or something? free 3d theater watching ba? how much yung entrance fee sa astronomical blah? tapos dun sa moca? well kasi yan ang mga museums na mas sikat ata talaga and recommended din :)) based on my research. hahahaha. yeah alam ko yung fine arts museum i think i passed by it na. yung flora expo kasi next month pa magsisimula eh.. diba? :))


      • yup next month pa yung expo haha

        hmm i don’t know e. siguro kaya yan i-compute? like kung every 2 hours change ka ng station, kung all day ka ba maglalakwatcha, etc.

        astronomical- 40NT lang daw. (i forgot na kasi hehe) may bayad mga ibang umm features dun e. 40NT yung para sa exhibit halls; ok narin siya, malaki kasi. yung observatory free daw. :D and meron siyang directions, sa FAQ, tingnan mo nalang kung useful ba siya. hehe

        yung moca, sabi sa website 50NT. tapos meron din siyang directions, like which buses to take, etc. 15NT lang ang bus, wag ka na maglakad! give your feet a break! :))


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