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Hi guys! How’s everyone been?

Truth be told, I sort of outgrew this blog and I had writer’s block and that’s why it’s been quite a while since I last updated.

Recently, I’ve started writing again but since I wanted a fresh start I decided to create a new blog here:

I hope you could follow me there. See you!


Last two weeks of January 2015


Can you believe we’re already at the end of January? Whaaaat. Since nothing much happened slash I’m too lazy to write a proper blog post, I’ll just post a collection of my tweets these last two weeks of January.

  • I know I’m prolly going to regret this later on but I can’t wait for spring/summer to come because I’m sick and tired of winter and of the cold. Majority of my clothes are also better suited for warmer temperatures so I can’t wait for the change in season so that I can wear most of my clothes again; unlike now where I keep repeating my clothes because I don’t have that much winter-suitable clothes.
  • Attended a lecture on general Free Trade Zone operations this morning. Lots to learn! Will read up about FTZs and whatnots soon!
  • I dislike people who pretend they’re busy and who always make it seem like they’re doing far more things, or even far more important things, than they actually are. UGH.
  • Been sick the past couple of days w/ a runny nose, cough, and scratchy throat. Feverish too :( my manager noticed and gave me meds xD sweet!
  • I don’t know why but I get so happy seeing the port/pictures of ports and containers… maybe it’s because of the ocean/sea and because these past few years, I’ve discovered my interest for logistics and the shipping industry…
  • Jogged/brisk walked for 4.21km, and then walked home for another 1.32km, which makes a total of 5.53km. I’m gonna regret this tomorrow.
  • Sending out US rate sheets, quotation and rate enquiries, excel files, analyses, sales leads, news and blogs, buyer’s guide, agent codes, DHL packages, agency agreements, SF express…
  • Earphones on for transcription and going deaf because of the background noise (plates, glasses people talking, etc) in these recordings. Frustrating!
  • You learn something new everyday. Some of today’s are: USO 24 (Venezuelan Customs code) and Brazilian Custom’s Normative Instruction 1356/13
  • Signs that you’re a workaholic: being happy that you’re so busy and that you have a heavy workload. Oh no! But yes. Better than being bored. Downside is that I get hungry. And sometimes I give in and eat. :(
  • Yay secured a business!
  • Talks of eventually sending me to Latin America to join conferences/whatnot, and the other girl speaks up and says, “can I please go too?”XD
  • It’s also our 35th anniv this year, and our team will be in charge of organizing the events. They say we’re gonna be crazy busy. Can’t wait!
  • The other girl is going to HK for a whole week to attend a conference. I hope I’ll be able to hold the fort down (together w/ my manager)!
  • FINALLY finished reading Yes Please. Ugh. Is it obvious that I didn’t like it?

First two weeks of January 2015!


Nothing really exciting happened to me the past two weeks. My life was pretty much a routine of waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, going to work, working, having lunch, walking around the office, taking a nap, working, getting off work, going home, having dinner, getting ready for bed, and sleeping.

Where I put my cellphone on my table

A magnet on my work table drawer that says “I’m so sleepy!”

Afternoon snack from my colleague – Starbucks’ apple custard cake and Ten Ren’s fruit tea

Work the past two weeks have been pretty much the following: excel files (buyer guides, hauling report, 2013 vs 2014 charts, US branches’ cargo volume analysis, etc.), agent introductions, quotations, PH agent trouble cases, Forwarder updates, pre-meeting reports, meetings, agent reviews, agent codes, US agents’ information, among others.

Other (better and happier) things that have happened the past two weeks aside from work and which I’ve also mentioned in my “Five Things” posts are going out with my relatives, going to the hospital for a post-check up, having lunch with Richelle and Roxane at my favorite restaurant near the office, meeting up with Abby and Jackie for an inexpensive steak dinner and then going to Jingmei night market, having lunch with my colleagues at this all-you-can-eat sukiyaki restaurant, and watching movies such as Now You See Me, Before I Go To Sleep, and Big Hero 6. That’s pretty much it.

December 15-28, 2014


December 15 – It was my last day in the import department, and by Tuesday I was back in my original department. It’s been a pretty good 2 months being in the import department, but I must say that I was getting tired of it. Now it’s off to another challenge, new opportunities, and more learnings.

Random snapshots:



Dinner at Carrefour


Bought Moscato and Camembert – my fave wine and cheese :)


Went to Dom’s hotel to visit him


Day 1 (December 16)

Translated an English article about ISF Filing to Chinese to be sent to our branch offices in China. Translated a Chinese email to English for our Japan agent. Took a look at the invitation for our year-end party and edited it a bit. Checked some emails. Started using 2015 Mickey and Minnie calendar. Reflection paper.

Day 2 (December 17)

Excel file about Wxx Group’s Cargo Volume Analysis, Excel file about Middle East/India/Pakistan agent and cargo volume analysis. Called up Philippine agent. Got 2 new notebooks (Hyundai and Hanjin).

Day 3 (December 18)

Picked up Indian client from the Westin and came to the office. Meeting. Told manager about March trip. Continued writing my reflection paper. Got a Louisa Coffee latte from the sales person handling the account of the Indian client. Philippine agents (Clark and pumice stone). Middle East excel file.

I think I’m going to enjoy being in my original department more because I feel like I’m going to be learning a lot more especially in terms of understanding the situation of the company as a whole (including our branch offices and whatnot). I also like the level of independence that I’m enjoying here, and the travel opportunities to be had in the future.

Day 4 (December 19)

The day just passed by so fast! I worked on the Middle East file and I finally finished doing it. Fruit platter breakfast. Ate lunch at Thai Village together with the President. Ooooh. Talked about stuff but there were a lot of things I didn’t understand because they were talking about company matters/people. The president did mention that they will open a branch office in the Philippines some time in the future. Ooh, maybe I would be sent there or something. IDK. I hope I get to travel a lot back home, and also to Latin America/Spanish-speaking countries. Came back to the office. Commended for working efficiently and quickly producing outputs.

More snapshots:

Fave Korean chicken stall at Shida night market


Tried out this restaurant (didn’t really like it) at Shida night market


Winter solstice calls for Tang Yuan


Tried McDo’s new burger


Matcha and cream cake from my colleague


Our fave lunch restaurant near the office


Day 5 (December 22) – South Africa and South America excel file. Buyer guide. MNL agent, Stuttgart, Germany agent

Day 6 (December 23) – Emailed OP to ask them what they think about our Middle East and India, and South Africa and South America agents. DHL packages. Translations of company profiles and video shiz. Buyer guide.

Day 7 (December 24) – price quotation, gift from M. Awww! Dinner at Ponderosa with relatives.

Day 8 (December 25) – About USA and LatAm handling, gift from JPG, celebration (afternoon snack) for Q4 birthday celebrants (red envelope!), natal chart reading – lucky girl! Dinner at Inn Cafe with HS friends who came to visit.

Random thoughts:

I think that no matter how long I’ve been here, I’ll always be the foreigner. My accent and way of speaking will also always give me off. Let’s see what happens in the coming years, or if I gain enough confidence to communicate “professionally.”

If you had told me years ago that I would be in the logistics industry, I wouldn’t have believed you. I knew nothing about it. Furthermore, if you had told me that I would be doing what I’m doing now, which is a mix of sales and service, I also wouldn’t believe you. These just go to show that we can’t be 100% sure what will happen in our lives, or how our lives will turn out but we just have to trust that things will turn out for the better, and that we will be guided in the right direction. At least that’s what I believe in.

Day 9 (December 26) – Didn’t have a lot to do today because most of our work have to do with our overseas agents and they’re mostly (if not all) still on holiday and so we didn’t receive a lot of emails. My manager included. They were preparing for their trip to Myanmar. I helped her exchange USD bills at the bank. Cake from J. Went to A-Mart for hotpot ingredients, roast chicken, and sausage. Burned my Vanilla Chai candle and read Scorch Trials. Fell asleep.

Day 10 (December 27) – Had to work on a Saturday because the government declared the 2nd as a holiday in order to have a long weekend, and to make up for that, we had to work on a Saturday. I had lunch with A, J, and K. Found out a lot of stuff about the company and other people. Feels like some insider info. Year-end party, 35th anniversary party, entertaining agents, pretty girl, business trips, etc.

November 23-30


A spontaneous talk with one of our clients made me question my decisions for a brief moment. It started with him asking about my name and wondering where I’m from, which led us to talking about some stuff, and ended with him telling me not to stay in this company or in this particular department too long because he feels that I would be wasting my skill set and my capabilities.

On the one hand, it feels good to hear those things from him; for him to say those things to me despite not really knowing me, but on the other hand it made me think about whether I really am “wasting” myself here. However, I’m only in this department for a couple of months because I’m helping out and “interning” and then I’m going back to my original department where I feel I can do better things and where I can be more comfortable. I also don’t have plans on staying here forever and I believe that I can learn a lot here, and I can use these as a stepping stone to someday move onward and upward. Hee. It’s good though that I was reminded that we need to remember not just our potential but also our worth.

Anyway, to less serious things. Here are some pictures that I took the past week:

That’s homemade pumpkin soup in the cup!

We have a Christmas tree in the office!

It was his first time cooking eggplant, and I must say, this is delicious.

This is his second time cooking pumpkin (the first is the pumpkin soup in one of my previous picture posts). He decided to make it into a mashed potato consistency, and to add bacon. Yum!

We decided to go to the market to see if the fruits and veggies were cheaper, and this is the only photo that I was able to take. We ended up buying bananas and some veggies.

Teddy Bear says hello!

It’s the last day of November. Come tomorrow, it’s going to be December and before we know it, 2014 will have come to a close. I still can’t believe how quick time flies, which should make us realize that we should really enjoy life and make the most out of it. 2014 has been yet another awesome year (overall) for me, and I’m truly thankful for all that’s happened in my life thus far. I’ll be posting another year-in-review by the time this year ends. Can’t wait for that!

November 17-22


On Sunday, B got back from Kaohsiung (business trip) and we went to Cafe Lugo for dinner. It’s this new cafe located at the basement of Taipei 101, across Ding Tai Fung. They only serve waffles and coffee. I saw one of my friends raving about it on Facebook but I was pretty disappointed because there was nothing special about it. I’ve had better/almost the same waffles elsewhere. I also ordered the Vanilla Late and again, I’ve drank better (and definitely cheaper) ones. I like the feel of the place though.

This is also the week that I got sick, probably because of the team building activity that had us running around under the rain, or because of the change in weather. I don’t know. I just know that I felt really crappy the entire week, and I had fever, cough, runny nose, and body aches. Good thing we weren’t super busy this week that I was able to go home on time and rest. Since I got home earlier (compared to other nights/previous weeks), B and I were able to leisurely eat dinner and watch movies. All in all, we watched Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ouija, Jessabelle, Dracula, and A Walk Among the Tombstones.

One of my colleagues draws well and she told us that she would draw some characters for us (max. 2 per person). I requested for Olaf and Eeyore. Amazing!

Another colleague was celebrating her 3rd year anniversary working in the company so she decided to buy herself (and share it with us) a cake

B bought these different-shaped cutters and so one day, I had duck-shaped cheese and turkey sandwiches for breakfast!

Yet another colleague saw that I was sick and gave me a warm drink with a sweet note. Aww, so touched!

One of those working lunches with my team. Yum!

Over the weekend, I was feeling better so we were able to go out to exercise. On the first night, we went biking along Jingmei Riverside Park, and on the second night we went to the park to play badminton. B also gave me a plastic full of mini Christmas trees because he knows that it’s my favorite holiday. So cute! It’s really sad that it’s not celebrated here. We even have to go to work on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. Huhuhu!

Hello November!


November was off to a good start as I had plans on the first weekend of the month. Yesterday, B and I went to Holiday Inn Shenkeng to try their lunch buffet. Service started at 2:30 and ended at 4:30. It was pretty disappointing because I expected more choices (especially meat) but there weren’t that much. They had temaki (sushi cones) but it was just filled with egg and salad dressing. I would’ve wanted it to have seafood or meat. The “saving grace” of the buffet were the shrimp and baby octopus, in my opinion. I had a lot of those.

On Sunday, I had brunch with my British friend. He wanted me to teach/show him the basics of EndNote in exchange for brunch. At first, I wasn’t too keen on meeting up because we weren’t really close, and I felt like I didn’t know enough about EndNote (maybe just the basics) for me to teach/talk to him about it and for him to treat me to a meal. Glad that I pushed through with it because I learned more about him and I learned some trivia (like about marathon) over the course of almost 2 hours.

The rest of the week was filled with work and food adventures.

After more than 3 years in Taiwan, I’ve finally tried Ikea’s food. I’ve been wanting to try it but I didn’t frequent the area before, and now I do because my office is located in the vicinity. Apparently, it’s a self-service type of thing wherein you fall in line, get a tray (better to get a pushcart if you’re just 1 person falling in line for a meal that’s for 2 or more people), get whatever you want to eat/drink, and then proceed to the counter to pay. We had the salmon fillet with vegetable medallion, and the 15-piece Swedish meatballs with a side of mashed potatoes. The food was good and it wasn’t that expensive. Would definitely go back in the future.

On her last day at work, I also had lunch with my supposed co-department colleague. It’s such a shame that I didn’t even get to know her better before she left, aside from some mornings wherein we would eat breakfast side-by-side and talk about stuff. It’s also a bit saddening to see her go because she was supposed to be my companion in our department (which only has 2 other members – the manager and the senior member that’s been there for around 3 years). We were supposed to be the 2 new members. Oh well. I hope they find someone that’s as nice and as friendly as her, and one I can really get along with.

Found out that my colleague was leaving so we decided to have lunch on her last day at work. :( my order took longer to arrive because of a slight mix up so they gave me a free chawanmushi as a way of apologizing. :)) hahaha seems like I’m always “lucky” when it comes to these things. — From my Instagram page

Went to a general merchandise store because I wanted to buy some Christmas decors but they didn’t have any, except for (expensive) Christmas trees. I liked the gardening section though. — From my Instagram page

Had a little time to walk around Maji Square before heading to dinner with fellow Filipino scholars. Happy to have been with people that can speak Filipino and happy to have eaten free food!!! I look fat in the group photo though! — From my Instagram page

I also got my first salary after a month of working. Yaaay! I’m really happy that the taxation system here is better than that in the Philippines (and I really hope it gets better for the PH because the taxes we pay end up in the wrong pockets and aren’t used to truly develop the country), which means that they don’t have a high tax rate, and I get to take home a bigger share of my salary. Wee!