March 14-20, 2016


I must say, it’s been a simple yet productive weekend. On Saturday, T and I cooked green curry pasta for lunch and then ate it while watching Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. We used this green curry pack from Costco that Lorraine gave us before, and it’s good. There’s meat and veggies inside so theoretically (and if you’re too lazy to), you don’t have to add anything else and you can just heat it up and pour it directly on top of your rice/pasta, or you can use it as a dip with bread. Since I love meat, we added ground pork.

I was supposed to attend this beginner parkour class taught by a foreigner who just arrived in Taipei and is a practitioner(?) but (thought process). True enough, it kept raining the entire morning as well as the early afternoon. When the rain died down a bit, I started doing my laundry. I also uploaded photos on FB, and uploaded photos and posts on my blog.

By nighttime, it had stopped raining and we were able to leave the house. We went to Jingmei and had dinner at this fragrant sticky rice and oyster vermicelli(?) noodle food stall that T likes. As per usual, we were a bit full after that so we were trying to find something lighter that we could eat and ended up buying some meat balls. We brought that home and ate it together with Dilmah’s masala chai tea (added milk of course) that I recently got from Jackie.

On Sunday, it wasn’t raining in the morning so we decided to go to the market to see if there were any fruits/vegetables we could buy. We only bought a cabbage head (95NTD) and string beans (60NTD/600g). We didn’t see anything else we wanted, and they were mostly expensive (e.g. 600g of bananas now costs 55-57NTD, huhuhu) so we left to have brunch at MWD. Apparently, they have a lot of choices such as pasta and rice dishes. We wanted to try their brunch set so we ordered the French brunch set and a chicken sandwich. I was a bit disappointed because I thought the French set had French toast; but turns out it’s French baguette (fine, it’s still French), a small omelette, 2 hash browns, about 3 small pieces of bacon, and a small salad.

T wanted to check out Daiso so we went there as well. We finally ended up buying a water bucket (10L) and a really cute dipper. T also bought a glass canister for his ground coffee beans, and I was able to find a medium-sized laundry basket. He didn’t find what he was originally looking for. After that, we went to A-mart to continue grocery shopping. We bought meat, carrots, oat and almond milk, original and unsweetened soy milk, and pineapple! When we got home, I made pineapple milkshake to share. We also ate Popcorners’ cheesy jalapeno popcorn chips. Omnomnom.

T made an appointment with someone to pick up coffee grinders he recently bought, and so we went to the place to pick up the packages. We were supposed to go to this dessert cafe that opened these last few months that was around the area, but it was drizzling so we decided to just go there next weekend. We did go to Daiso for a bit to see if they had the thing he was looking for, but they didn’t. We also passed by Gakuden quickly to see if they had any breads we wanted to buy. We ended up basically tasting/eating free bread. I couldn’t control myself because there were a lot of free taste breads so I just kept eating. Huhuhu!

At night, we had steak and teppan (?) noodles while watching BBC’s Sherlock Holmes. We watched episode 2. I also continued eating Popcorners and then we also had coffee (with creamer of course, because I don’t drink black coffee). When we had finished watching Sherlock Holmes, we prepared my lunch boxes for the next 3 days, and T also prepared sandwiches. Before taking a bath, I also ate 2 pieces of chocolate. Sweeeeetsssss!


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