Feb. 27-29 (228 Long Weekend)


We had a long weekend due to the 228 Peace Park holiday, and coincidentally, my mom came to Taiwan during that weekend. I was supposed to meet up with them at the airport to go with them to Sun Moon Lake on their first day in Taiwan but due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to join them anymore.

Luckily, my friends had planned a potluck gathering at kuya’s house and so I went there to eat away my frustrations. We also watched this Filipino film while we were there titled Sana Dati (If Only). I found the film’s pace to be super slow and I got bored. Aside from lunch, we also had dinner there because there was still leftover food and because we were still there when it was dinnertime. We watched Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo but I didn’t finish the movie because it was getting late and T wanted to go home.

The next day, I did my laundry in the morning. In the afternoon, T and I went to Sheraton to meet up with mom. 7ku and my cousins Jonah and Joshua were also there because they were around the area earlier that day and they knew that mom was also billeted in a nearby hotel. Since most of us wanted to drink coffee and have some snacks, we went to Cafe Nola because it was just a couple of streets away from mom’s hotel. My friend had told me that the food was delicious, but maybe she was referring to main courses because we ordered coffee and dessert and wasn’t all that satisfied.

After that, 7ku dropped us off Huashan Creative and Cultural Park where we passed time. Mom had never been there, and it was also near the hotel so I thought to bring her there. We looked at some outdoor exhibits, a street yoyo performance, and we checked out some stores. Polina and her boyfriend came to meet us and we went to this boutique coffee shop for coffee. It’s been more than a year since we last saw each other so we just talked about what they’ve been doing with their lives and all that.

After about an hour or so, it was time to leave for dinner. We went to The Kitchen Table located inside W Hotel. I ate a lot of meat and sashimi, and also drank different juices. Hahahaha. After dinner, all of us went back to the hotel and then I decided to stay there for the night because they had an early call time the following day and it would be easier for me if I spent the night there. I was able to take a “bubble” bath without a lot of bubbles because the room didn’t have bath salts.

The following morning, mom was able to get me a breakfast coupon from a doctor who wasn’t going to be using it and so I was able to have breakfast at the hotel. I wasn’t able to take photos though, but I remember having breads, yogurt, muesli, meat, and veggies. I also had orange juice. After breakfast, we left for McKay Memorial for a hospital tour. The hospital is really advanced in that its technological capabilities are better than all the other hospitals I’ve been to. They’ve also automatized a lot of their processes/operations which makes it more convenient not only for doctors but also for patients. I wonder though, how hard would it be for them if the system suddenly fails or if something happens to the online/e-data.

When the tour ended, we went to this restaurant somewhere in Neihu for lunch. I didn’t like it because the waiters were rude. After lunch, we went to Shifen to release sky lanterns. I don’t know if it was mom’s first time there (Shifen and Pingxi) but I still want to bring my whole family there next time because I feel like it’s a good day trip away from Taipei city. I was supposed to take them there the last time they were here, but it kept on raining so it was more dangerous to go to a mountainous area and we didn’t end up going.

We didn’t stay there for long. You know how tour groups are. After releasing sky lanterns and taking some pictures, we left for Nanya rock formations. I had just been there a couple of weeks ago with kuya and his friends, so I was able to tell mom more about the place and we were also able to take lots of pictures. It was SUPER windy though, so most of our pics had our hairs flying all over the place, or me with my hands to my face trying to keep my hair from blocking my face. Haha. After about less than half an hour or so, we left for Taipei 101.

After more than 4 years in Taiwan, I’ve finally made it up the Taipei 101 observatory! I’m glad that T and I were able to go up together – of course mom being there was also fun. Mom was so funny though, because she also took still shots of the video presentations. We walked all around the observatory and took lots of pictures. We also tried taking pictures with us in it but there were only a couple that turned out successful. After spending some time in the observatory and in the dapper area, we went downstairs for dinner at Ding Tai Fung. We still had to wait for quite some time because there were a loooot of people but eventually, we got seated.

Dinner was funny though, because it felt like the servers were rushing us out. The food was served fast and the baskets/plates were also cleared fast. If there was still a dumpling or something left on the basket/plate, the server would tell someone to get the remaining pieces for them to be able to clear the table. We were probably in and out in under an hour – maybe even less.

We returned to the hotel after dinner and we were left to do whatever we wanted to do. Mom wanted to go to Carrefour and Gokim also called us up when we were back in the room, so we went to Carrefour to meet up with Gokim. After buying some stuff, we went to Gokim’s house to rest and for mom to see Goku and my cousins. We played this chicken and egg game that Richelle had recently bought. Then, we left because we still had work the next day. Gokim was the one who brought mom back to her hotel. Heehee.

That’s it, the end of my 228 long weekend!


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