Week 8, 2016 (Feb. 15-19, 2016)


Feb. 15 (Monday)

First day back to work after the CNY holiday. It was drizzling a bit that morning and maybe it’s because everyone was going back to work, I dunno, but there was heavy traffic and I was late. Ugh. Oh well.

It was a pretty busy day catching up with emails and work that I had left behind. The day passed by pretty quickly because I was busy. Whew! Since I hadn’t worked out in more than a week, I told myself that I had to attend the harder yoga class and so I did. I almost died. Hahahahaha it was really challenging and I found myself not being able to do or hold some poses that I could previously do. That’s really one of the things I don’t like about yoga – you miss a couple of days and it’s like you’re (almost) back to square one.

Feb. 16 (Tuesday)

In the afternoon, a co-loader from the Philippines came to visit our office. I was able to briefly talk with the Fil-Chi person and found out that his wife and I graduated from the same high school. The Fil-Chi community is really small.

During hot yoga class, the teacher went, “A lot of students have told me that they ate a lot during the CNY holiday and want to lose the holiday weight gain. Therefore, today we are going to do a lot of core exercises…”Nooooooo! I hate core exercises because my core is really weak so I feel like they’re a waste on me because I’m not able to do all the moves and all the repetitions. Huhuhu.

Feb. 18 (Thursday)

Wednesday was yet another normal and routine day. I went to work during the daytime and then attended hatha vinyasa class at night.

This day was pretty good because I was busy. I had a pretty decent amount of emails in the morning, had a lunch meeting and conference call (wow I never imagined myself saying that – although I basically just said a bunch of yes’s and a couple of basic sentences because it was the other person who did most of the talking) and then in the afternoon I had to leave the office to fetch our Turkey agent. I participated in the meeting with him when we got back in the office, and then I accompanied him to wait for a cab back to his hotel. I need to learn more about our business and the industry in general so that I can have stuff to talk about with our agents (aside from small talk, which I feel like I’m not good at). Afterwards, a co-loader based in the Philippines also came to our office for a while and we were asked to join in the meeting with them, so that was another meeting.

We were supposed to have dinner with our Turkey agent but he had other plans so the dinner didn’t push through. I didn’t bring my workout clothes because I thought we were going out for dinner so I decided to just go home and have dinner with T. We watched A Walk in the Woods, which is this movie based on the book published by writer Bill Bryson about the time he tried hiking up the Appalachian Trail.

Feb. 19 (Friday)

It was another typical work day but it was a pretty slow day because there weren’t a lot of activities lined up for the day and I didn’t really have a heavy workload on this day. At night, as per usual, I attended hot yoga class and then went home to welcome the weekend.


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