CNY Holiday 2016 in the Philippines (Days 8-10: Feb 11-13) + February 14


I went to UP to meet up with some course mates Jad and Martha. One of my course mates, and my thesis partner in fact, is teaching in our department. The other one was just going to UP to get some documents.


Coincidentally, CAL (our college) was celebrating CAL week and on this day, they were selling paella in front of the library. Jad bought paellas for us and we went to her office to eat them. They were made by Liza, another professor there and the wife of Fernando, one of our professors when we were undergrads. It was reallyy good! When we were almost done eating, Martha showed up and the 3 of us just talked and caught up with one another because it’s been so long since the 3 of us were together.

Jad had class and Martha had to go to the OUR, so I sat in Jad’s class where she gave her students a quiz. Then, she told them that they would have to present something by group for the next session, so she gave them the remaining time for them to talk and plan for the presentation. We sat in a while in Camilo’s (?) basic French class because Isis asked us if we had time to attend. When Martha was done at the OUR, Jad and I left and the 3 of us went to Cafe Shibuya in UP Town Center.

I had an afternoon coffee date so I ordered dessert (this molten lava cake) instead. We basically spent the rest of the time chatting. When we parted ways, I went to Robinson’s Magnolia to meet up with Aileen. We had coffee at CBTL and spent the next couple of hours talking. At night, I met up with Pao and Bianca at Yutaka Izakaya, this Japanese restaurant that was apparently near my house. Yummy food! I can say that they’re my childhood friends (especially Bianca) but it has also been some time since I last saw them, so we just caught up with what has happened in each others’ lives.

The next day, mom and I went to this newly-opened spa near our house supposedly to get a body massage, but they were still closed so we went somewhere else. That was also still closed (We were too early. Who knew spas opened past 2PM?) so we ended up in Starbucks while waiting for Sa-I and Achi Sarah to finish running their errands.

We were supposed to go to this other Japanese restaurant (I can’t remember the name) but they were only open until 2PM and we wouldn’t make it or we wouldn’t have enough time to eat our food. We ended up going to Nihonbashitei and ordering a lot of delicious food! I was so full! Then, we went to Cash n Carry because I had to meet someone that my manager asked me to contact while I was in Manila and the guy wanted to meet up in person. We had coffee at Starbucks andchateed for a bit. I don’t know if we will really get any business with him but I sure hope so. When that was done, we went back to Sa-I’s house to hang out. Mom and Sa-I went out to dinner because both Achi Sarah and I had dinner plans with our friends.

I went to Don Andres for dinner, which is this Peruvian restaurant located in Tomas Morato. Kats suggested it because she’d been there before and she felt like it was a nice restaurant. We ordered 3 dishes to share, and the food was pretty good. And that’s it!

Early the following day (13th), I took my flight back to Taipei and basically spent the day sleeping because I was tired. My cab ride home was also annoying because the driver took the long route and so my cab fare became expensive. Ugh. T also came back from Kaohsiung that night so we were able to hang out. Finally finished writing about this time’s trip to the Philippines!

We don’t really celebrate events/occasions such as Valentine’s and I think that in the years that we’ve been together, this was the first time we were together on this day. T suggested we go to this apparently popular hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant. They don’t accept reservations, and we got there at 11AM (they open at 11:20AM) but we were already 48th in line! Woahhh. We had to wait almost 2hrs and we ate for about 1.5hrs. Felt as if we had spent our entire day eating.

Because we were full from that meal, we went to Ximending to walk around. We found ourselves in Eslite and we spent quite some time there just looking at books and at the cute stuff that were on display. After some time, we headed home.


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