CNY Holiday 2016 in the Philippines (Days 6-7: Feb 9-10)


Feb. 9-10 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

My friends and I took the 3AM bus to Baguio, so mom and dad dropped me off the terminal before 3AM. I met up with Hope and Sandy (Mitch was already in Baguio waiting for us because she had climbed Mt. Pulag the day before). Our trip was basically a food trip because we kept on eating and eating. There was also art appreciation and relaxation.

When we got to Baguio, Sandy’s brother-in-law came to pick us up and brought us to their home. We ate breakfast and lounged around for a bit, and then headed out of the house to head to Burnham Park. We rented a boat and paddled the entire stretch of the lake back and forth, and decided that we’d had enough physical exercise for a day. We were also hungry by then so we had lunch at Cafe by the Ruins. I’m pretty sure they’re famous for their drinks but we had bread and 2 soups instead because we were saving room for dessert at Vizco’s. Since there were 4 of us, and we wanted to try a lot of cakes, all of us ordered a cake and shared it with everyone else. Yum! I really enjoyed the blueberry cheesecake.

We walked along Session Road and then went to Upper Session Road to check out Mt. Cloud Bookshop. We also found a spa there called North Haven Spa and since all of us wanted to have body massages, we went in and inquired about their packages and eventually all got full body massages. By the time we were done, it was nighttime and we were hungry for dinner. See what I said about it being a food trip? We went to 50’s Diner for dinner. I ordered the steamed chicken and rice meal but I ordered a mango milkshake so I feel like it was a balanced meal – healthy and sort of unhealthy. Hahaha!

We didn’t feel like doing anything else after that so we went back to Sandy’s house and chatted. Some of Sandy’s cousins were also there and they set up a fire in their fireplace using good old wood and kindle. That was cool! I stayed in front of the fire for a short while because the heat from the flame was relaxing. We had another full day ahead of us so we went to sleep at around midnight (or maybe even before that).

The following day, we had breakfast at home and then we went to BenCab museum. I feel like it’s a must-visit if you’re going to Baguio because BenCab is one of our national artists, and it’s always good to appreciate art works made by fellow Filipinos. We spent a good hour or two there just walking around and appreciating the art works. We also hung out by the pond because the weather was nice and the view was good as well. We even saw BenCab himself but we weren’t able to take a picture with him because he was on the phone and we didn’t want to disturb him. Or maybe he was pretending to be on the phone so that people wouldn’t take pictures with him. I’m kidding! I don’t think he’s that kind of person.

After the museum, we went to Ketchup Food Community for lunch. We chose Canto for their lomo ribs and we also had their pizza! Mines View Park was next on the list, and we went there for an overlooking view of Baguio, which was actually mostly mountains. There were a lot of people there and it was hard to find a spot to sit on, add to that the fact that we were pressed for time because we were taking the 5:30PM bus back to Manila, so we left after walking around the park for a couple more minutes. Since Mitch and Hope had to buy some goodies for their family and colleagues, and Good Shepherd was nearby so we walked there. On the way, we passed by someone selling vegetables and strawberries so we bought some because they were really cheap. I split cauliflower and broccoli with Mitch, and I also bought half a kilo of strawberries.  I regret not buying crinkles because they were so good! We weren’t able to go back anymore and Good Shepherd didn’t have any I liked. We still had a bit more time before we had to leave for the bus terminal, so we decided to go to Tsokolateria for an afternoon snack and as our last meal in Baguio. Yummy hot chocolate! There was heavy traffic on our way back home so it took us quite some time, and the cab driver we got was rushing like crazy because he was supposed to pick up his daughter from school and he forgot! We were already on his cab when his daughter called to remind him. Oops!

When we got to the bus terminal, it was already 5 minutes past the time our bus was supposed to leave so we thought we had to get new tickets. However, we found out that there was some delay so the bus was still there. Woohoo! See you again soon, Baguio! It’s been fun (and fattening).


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