Week 5, 2016


Jan. 25 (Monday)

I am slowly learning the art of drinking tea. I don’t know about the art part, but I’m just learning to like drinking tea because apparently, there are a lot of benefits depending on the type of tea. On this day, I drank ginger and black sugar tea in the afternoon. I’d usually drink coffee but I decided to drink tea instead. It was also really cold because of the cold spell that’s in Taiwan so I figured that ginger tea would provide more warmth compared to latte. It was also more soothing. After work, I went and attended my usual hot yoga class. Since it was cold, T heated up the corn and egg soup so that I could have something hot to drink when I got home.

Jan. 26 (Tuesday)

I’m pretty sure it was another typical work day. It wasn’t too busy but it wasn’t too boring either. Good. I drank the 3-in-1 white coffee in the afternoon but I didn’t finish it (and I didn’t want to because I put too much water and there was a lot), so I had to throw some of it away. J went out to buy snacks and I asked her to buy a Tomato Mozzarella Focaccia from Caffe Chat for me, which I had as a pre-workout meal. That was a bad idea because I didn’t feel well during hot yoga. Must have been all that oil or something, I dunno.

I decided to make this chart listing down all the things I want to spend time on everyday (a book chapter, a Coursera video, brain training apps such as Elevate and Lumosity, etc.) and put it on my wall. I’m going to put a mark for each day I spend time on these things. I don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time on each activity, but I have to at least spend some time on it.

T has also been practicing his cursive writing, and he’s been copying short articles from this English news site based in Taipei. This way, he can practice his writing and he can also learn new words.

Jan. 27 (Wednesday)

On this day, I attended my favorite teacher’s Hatha Vinyasa class. I used to attend his hot yoga classes but he moved them to an earlier time slot so now I’m unable to attend those. When I found out he had hatha vinyasa class, I decided to attend even if it wasn’t in a hot room. What I like about this class is despite not being in a hot room, he can get you to sweat through his routines. Furthermore, since it is a flow class, we spend the entire hour moving. The teacher won’t give you time to rest or catch your breath. Of course, if you feel dizzy or if you feel like you can’t keep up, you can rest at any time. It was really tiring and my body was super sore (especially my legs) after, so it felt good as well.

After class, I eavesdropped on a conversation between my yoga teacher and this Malaysian student. The student started by asking if the teacher chased snow over the weekend. That led the teacher to talk about his time in Russia when he experienced snow that reached waist-levels or something. Then, he talked about other things related to the time he was working under contract as a yoga teacher in Russia. Eventually, he didn’t extend his contract because he was starting to get depressed in Russia because it was gloomy and cold. Apparently, they don’t get much sun throughout the year. They also talked a bit about nutrition – food that he thinks is good and not. Seafood, fish, and vegetables are on top of the list, and red meat is toward the bottom.

Jan. 28 (Thursday)

I was late today because the bus kept running into red lights. Ugh. I ended up passing by this clothes vendor and buying a fuzzy top because it was cheap and it looked comfortable and warm. It was another typical work day, but in the afternoon, I chatted with Faith and Ellen for a bit about random stuff. Sometimes, I feel like I’m connecting with a colleague but then other times, it’s like the connection isn’t there anymore. One day, they’ll be friendly and will be interested in you(r life) and then the next, they’re cordial and distant again. I still don’t understand most of my colleagues, but whatever, it’s not important to me anymore.

I recently tweeted that it took me more than a year to not care about what my colleagues think about me, and be more at ease/comfortable in the office. I’m still learning and working on it – it’s not an overnight process after all, but I’m better now compared to how I was before.

I heard a conversation about someone who previously worked in our company going on an interview to work at another company, and my two colleagues saying that he’s not fit/capable to work under that role based on their understanding of his personality and on his “innate character/personality” (based on his natal chart, I guess). However, no matter what our natal charts might say about our personalities or how our life will turn out, I still believe that we can change our life’s path and how we turn out through the decisions we make; more so when we step out of our comfort zones and do things other people might deem “out of character”. Just something I wanted to write about.

From my colleague

T and I went to Very Thai for dinner because I wanted us to go out and we ended up going there. We were supposed to go to a different restaurant in Breeze Nanjing but there was a long waiting line so we opted for this since he hasn’t tried it too.

Jan. 29 (Friday)

I recently got an air shipment of about 1800kgs for the first shipment. According to the agent, it’s gonna be monthly shipments of roughly the same weight. Ooh, I do hope it really becomes a regular thing, and that there wouldn’t be any issues for each shipment so that they will continue using our company. This way, I can have something regular to write in my quarterly report. Yay!

I had lunch at Ramen Nagi with the girls (we’ve decided to call ourselves the Foodie Group). We decided to go there as a compromise location because we were all coming from different places and we were only having lunch during our 1.5 hour lunch break. The order system is the same as the one I experienced in the Philippines, but I was surprised that the prices were so much cheaper compared to the Philippines. Woah. I ordered the classic pork butao ramen, and I chose regular seasoning/secret sauce thing. However, I still found my order to be very salty and heavily infused with MSG(?). Should I ever be eating there again, I’ll make sure to order the light seasoning instead.

F is here from Shenzhen and he mentioned that they were planning on going to the Philippines some time this year. R said that she was thinking of letting me join them if ever they push through with their trip. This is probably the third or fourth time I’ve heard R say that she has plans on sending me to the PH, so let’s see if this really happens.

Since my body was still super sore from the previous days’ workouts, I decided to take it easy lest I injure myself. I attended Yin Yoga class because it was more relaxing and the pace is really slow. I left the class partly thinking if I should have attended a harder class, and partly feeling more relaxed, so I guess it’s all right. 

Jan. 30 (Saturday)

We had work today to make up for the upcoming long Chinese New Year holiday. We went to the office to “work” and I say it with quotation marks because no one was really in the mood to actually work. Plus, you could always do the work on Monday or you should have done some of the work on Friday, right?

On this day, we also had our company year-end evaluation and party so a lot of people were in the office doing their hair and make-up. I even heard someone saying she was putting on false eyelashes. Kudos to her for doing it manually and not going to the salon to do it I guess. Since our year-end evaluation/report started in the afternoon, we only had to “work” until 12nn. Then, my teammates and I went to Breeze Nanjing for lunch. We ate at Ita, this Italian restaurant. They had an ongoing event wherein you’d automatically be upgraded to a set meal if you ordered any main course or pasta dish. I went for the seafood pasta, and got the iced tea and tiramisu. Pretty good.

At around 2:30PM, we went to Sunworld Dynasty Hotel where our events were happening. In the afternoon, we had the year-end review wherein we watched videos and listened to speeches. They talked about how the economy and our industry in general faced a lot of challenges in 2015 but because of everyone’s efforts, we were still able to see positive growth and profit. The recently deceased CEO of Evergreen was also brought up because he was a pillar of the shipping/logistics/freight forwarding industry especially here in Taiwan. The new, younger employees were also mentioned because the vice-chairman felt like he doesn’t know a lot of the people around the office anymore. Lastly, the event was also used to remind people (read: managers) not to abuse whatever benefits the company is currently extending to them. I am writing this down so that one day I might look back on this and remember what the higher management talked about. After the videos and the speeches, we had the raffle draw! Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything. Huhuhu. Oh well, everyone who doesn’t win in the raffle gets a consolation prize so it’s all right.

We had to wait for almost an hour before the party started, and J was hungry so C and I accompanied her to buy this chocolate pastry. We were telling her to just wait til dinner time so as not to ruin her appetite but she wouldn’t listen. It’s my second time attending the year-end party, and I’ve already been with the company for a year and 3 months. This year’s party is better than last year, in my opinion, because I now know more people. Last year, I’d only been in the company for around 4 months and I didn’t really know a lot of people/didn’t have a lot of interaction with other departments. Furthermore, since we also celebrated our 35th anniversary last October, and we already invited a lot of VIPs and other guests, upper management decided not to invite them anymore for the year-end party so attendees were only people from our business group.

This year too, upper management reserved this lounge bar as the venue for the after-party. I decided to check it out since my other friend was also going. The place was pretty nice, although we originally passed by and didn’t notice that we were already there. It’s big and has different areas. There was a pool table and darts, a bar with couches and a DJ, a karaoke room, and more chairs and tables where you can play board games. They’re open from 10PM to 4AM, if I remember correctly. Normally, they have a minimum consumption fee of 600NTD per person, but since the whole place had been reserved, it was free for us. It was also an open bar so I took advantage of it by ordering 2 cocktails. In hindsight, I should have ordered more so that I’d get to taste the other cocktails. That and because they’re not something I’d usually spend money on, so it was good that they were free. I ordered a Sangria and a Christmas in Summer (whatever that is). Basically spent the night talking to some people and then eventually taking the last MRT home. T picked me up from the MRT and I was surprised that he did because I thought I was gonna have to either walk or take the cab home.

Jan. 31 (Sunday)

We slept in and woke up past noon. T cooked dumplings and we had our first meal of the day probably at around 3PM. After that, I cleaned up a bit because my side of the room was super messy. Then, we left the house at past 5PM to go to Jingmei. I was looking for new boots because one of mine recently got ruined. We walked in a store and saw these boots that was sort of similar but also still different from my previous one, and it was on sale for only 150NTD!! Such a steal! We continued walking around but we couldn’t find anything else we wanted to buy. T went to the drug store to get gauze pads and adhesive thingies because he scraped his knee pretty bad a couple of days ago. Eek.

Since it was close to 8PM, we decided to have dinner at a recently opened steak place. It was a bad decision because our orders took almost an hour to arrive, and when they first served us our soups, they said that they didn’t have utensils left so we had to wait for them to wash (??) their utensils. Long story short, we are never going back there again. After that, we went to Gongguan to check out some stores and I ended up buying legging pants from Net. Have to wait a day for them to alter the length though, so it’s a bit of a hassle because we have to go back there to pick up the pants. We went home, prepared this week’s lunches, and then prepared for bed.

Can’t believe I’m flying back home on Thursday! Time flew by so quickly! Gaaah, have to start packing. Ugh.


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