Week 3, 2016


Jan. 12

I read this article that a lot of my friends shared on Facebook titled  “You probably know to ask yourself, “What do I want?” Here’s a way better question”.

According to the author, we should stop asking ourselves, “What do you want out of life?” and instead start asking, “What pain do you want in your life? What are you willing to struggle for?”

For the author, “who you are is defined by the values you are willing to struggle for”. It goes along with the saying that you have to work hard for something, and that old adage, “nothing easy is ever worth having.”

In the afternoon, my manager was craving for something sweet together with a cup of latte, so she ended up treating us to an afternoon snack from Caffe Chat. I ordered the Vanilla Latte and the Red Wine Raspberry Pound Cake. Yum! At night, I went to bikram yoga class, as per usual.

Jan. 13

I read another article, this time from Thought Catalog, titled “Your Life Doesn’t Wait Until You’re Ready”. The only thing I wrote down from there is the following:

“There are two types of people in this world: People with knowledge and people with nerve. And the jobs often go to the latter. Someone far less qualified than you is out there working the job that you want because they had the courage to ask for it.”

J had lunch somewhere and she passed by Elite Bakery on her way back to the office. She bought a selection of cake slices and I chose the chocolate cake. Haha so much food in the office!

We received an email about a book discussion of Ken Blanchard, Paul J. Meyer, and Dick Ruhe’s 2007 book “Know Can Do! Put Your Know-How into Action”. The discussion was going to be about the Chinese translated version of the book. I don’t know when it was translated though. It seemed pretty interesting so I decided to see if I could get a copy of the book (in English of course). I started reading it over lunch.

I attended Hatha Vinyasa class at night. After class and on my way home, I also continued reading Know Can Do and the ebook of this Spanish YouTuber that I follow, Arantxa, “Define tu estilo”.

Jan. 14

Again, it was a pretty normal work day, nothing out of the ordinary or nothing that I wanna write about.

In the afternoon, we were craving for chicken chop so we bought one from an apparently popular brand that recently set up shop in the newly-renovated Breeze Nanjing department store.

I had dinner with Jackie and Lorraine at Love at First Bite Bakery Cafe because we wanted to try their deep dish pizza. That had to be ordered in advance so when Jackie made reservations, she already ordered a Chicago Deep Dish pizza for us. Aside from that, the restaurant had a rule that each person had to order either a drink or food worth at least NTD180. We ordered french fries with garlic aioli sauce, strawberry lemonade, and madagascar vanilla (?) cheesecake. The food’s good and we had a nice time there. My only complaint is that the waitress kept wanting to clear our table even if we weren’t finished eating yet. Or if someone already finished eating but the others haven’t, she’ll clear that person’s plate. Maybe they feel like that’s good service because it shows that they pay attention to your table, but we find it annoying and frankly, a bit disrespectful.

Abby was supposed to follow after work, but then when she was just about to leave her office (which is a bit far from where we were), we were done eating. We told her we’d just schedule another meet-up because we all needed to go home as it was a work night.

Jan. 15

I woke up later than usual because I was just too tired. When I was on the bus, I kept looking at my watch because it seemed as if I wouldn’t get to the office on time. However, when I got off the bus, I decided to still try and I made a run for it. It was super tiring, and I jogged/brisk walked the entire 900m+ in around 4 minutes (it usually takes me 10 minutes). My legs (and especially my front and back calves) felt like they were burning and felt like they were about to fall off.

R and J were talking about wanting to lose weight because they both have recently gained a lot of weight. They were talking about meal plans and whatnot, but I feel like it won’t be of any use because even if they decrease the amount of food they eat for lunch, they get hungry easily and then they resort to snacking – unhealthy snacking that is. Oh well, those are their lives anyway. After that, they started talking about politics because of the upcoming elections. I didn’t pay attention to what they were talking about because I didn’t care much to get involved in local politics.

Jan. 16

The only reason T and I got included in this trip was because Abby, Jackie, and Lorraine all weren’t available. Two of Kuya’s friends were visiting, and so he rented a cab to take them around the entire day. Since all of them couldn’t speak much Mandarin, they needed someone who could act as their translator to join them. Jackie and Lorraine told me about it last Thursday and of course, I said yes. I’d been to most of the places they were going to, but it had already been at least or more than 3 years since I’d last been. Plus, T hadn’t been there so I figured it was a good opportunity.

T and I ordered McDo takeaway, and then went to Kuya’s house to meet up with them. Our first destination was this place on top of a mountain (? basically a high area) overlooking the beach where you can go paragliding. The wind wasn’t very strong that day and so I felt like it wasn’t such a good time to try it. It was pretty “cheap” though, and our driver also said it’s probably among, or the cheapest paragliding areas in Taiwan. Maybe I’ll try it next time. M tried it because according to her, whenever they’d go to places that offered paragliding experiences, she’d let her kids try so she hadn’t tried it herself. That was her chance! Another good thing about this place is that they give you a go-pro so you can record your whole experience, after which they’ll give you the memory card (8GB) as a souvenir.

When we were done with that, we went to Yehliu as our second destination. It’s this geological eco park that has a lot of natural rock formations. It’s most famous for the Queen’s Head but they estimate that after a few years, the Queen’s Head (and probably some others) will disappear or will change in shape or size because of weathering (?). This is why they have already created replicas in an area farther away from the ocean.

Our third destination was this seafood restaurant near Yehliu. We had lunch of squid, clams, fish, spareribs, fried rice, and vegetables. Yum! When we had replenished our energy (talking as if we were super tired hahaha), we headed for our next destination, the Nanya Peculiar Stone. Again, it’s this small area by the ocean that also has natural rock formations. By then, it was raining and so we all held our umbrellas and walked over to the rock formations to take pictures. After that, we headed to Golden Waterfall, which I originally thought not to have flowing water anymore. I was wrong. We also went to this overlooking area that had a view of the yin-yang sea before heading to Buyan Pavilion that overlooked this supposedly famous mountain/road in Taipei where automobile companies shoot a lot of their commercials. It was still raining and it was a bit cold so there was fog all around. I feel like it’s better to take pictures there if it’s sunny/cloudy but oh well.

Next destination on the list was Jiufen, which is located again in a mountainous area, and had an old feel to it. It also has this famous winding steps that inspired Ghibli’s Spirited Away. We went to the Old Street filled with food and souvenir items, found a cute little cafe (we were supposed to go the one next door because they had more options but they were full) that had an outdoor area overlooking Jiufen, and had our afternoon snack there. I ordered the latte and we also ordered the black forest and the cheesecake to share. Finally, our last stop was Keelung Miaokou night market. I had never been there at night; I’d only been to Keelung harbor and Miaokou Temple probably 5 years back.

We chose this seafood stall selling seafood that had a table that could seat us. M ordered crab, stone-cooked shrimps, and scallops. We also went to other stalls to buy more food for dinner. We bought beef cubes, chicken wings and chicken poppers (?), fragrant sticky rice, and freshly-squeezed orange juice. After that, J bought takoyaki and melon for everyone to share. That’s it, the end of our day trip / adventure. I’m really glad I was able to join this trip and I was able to take T along with me so that we could experience it together. Thank you Kuya!

Jan. 17

We were supposed to have dinner with my relatives as my belated birthday treat, but it kept raining the entire day and everyone probably got too lazy to go out so we rescheduled. I just stayed at home the whole day. T and I watched The Martian while I was importing pictures and videos to my laptop. I also finally uploaded some backlog albums to FB and organized some pictures on my laptop. Still not done though. I still have to organize pictures on my Google Photos so I can upload them to my blog.


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