Philippines 2015: Day 7 (New Year 2016, Bella Beach Resort Batangas)


Day 7: Jan. 1 (Friday)

Let me begin by wishing you all another happy new year!

This day began pretty early as we were going on a roadtrip to Batangas. Auntie Liza invited us to spend New Years with them at Bella Beach Resort, which is this resort they often go to for New Years located somewhere in Batangas.

We left the house after breakfast and we got there after spending around 4 hours on the road. This was due to a lot of factors – slight traffic, dad’s slow driving, and venue location. Finally, we made it! The beach wasn’t that nice because the nicer parts of the beach/sand bar had already been bought waaaay earlier, and this resort was only developed not too long ago. Add to that the fact that it was low-tide season. The resort had a pool within its premises, and you can also walk out into the beach. The rooms were simple but we didn’t like the fact that they didn’t have closets or just hooks to hang your clothes.

We took a nap in the afternoon after eating lunch because the sun was hot, and because we were lazy pigs. Hahaha. We woke up at around 3PM to get ready to swim. They rented this raft and we went to a deeper part of the sea to avoid the rocks and because of the low tide. At first, I didn’t want to go down the water because I was feeling lazy, because we didn’t have goggles, and because I just wanted to sit there to enjoy the soft breeze while taking in the view. Eventually, since I love the ocean and mostly because JP came back to rest and wasn’t using his goggles, I borrowed them and went down to swim. I kept swimming back and forth just around our raft because mom didn’t want me to swim too far away. I also suck at cardio and didn’t have a lot of stamina so I got tired pretty easily. Sigh.

When it was getting dark, we went back to the resort, bathed and took a rest. Then, it was time for dinner. We ate a simple but delicious dinner by the beach and after that, I walked along the beach (sandbar?) with my parents. My dad was the one who suggested walking along the beach after dinner, and mom said this is because he also loves the ocean/being by the beach, he just doesn’t like to go down the water. It is enough to be surrounded by the open sea, feel the soft breeze blowing on your face, and walking on sand with your bare feet.

After that, we went back to the resort and sat around watching TV. Achi Mary and Kevin started playing poker with someone there, but I wasn’t in the mood to play so I just sat there talking with my parents. After a while, mom and dad went back to our room to rest. I stayed for a short while longer playing with Achi Mary’s Piano Tiles 2, and when I felt sleepy, I also went back to our room to get ready for bed. I must have been asleep by 8:30PM. Super early and totally uncharacteristic of me, I know. I was really tired from that afternoon of swimming (I’m such a weak girl) and well, we were in the province after all!


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