Philippines 2015: Day 6 (New Year’s Eve)


Day 6: Dec. 31 (Thursday)

We’re finally on the last day of the year 2015. I should work on my year-in-review because another year is about to come to an end. Seeing as how late I’m posting this though, I dunno when I’m gonna have the time (or the motivation) to write those entries. From what I can remember of 2015, it’s been really good. It’s hard to write year-end reviews and reflections because one has to look back on a lot of posts, pictures, and whatnots. However, for some reason, I’m motivated to make 2016 even better and that’s why I want to really reflect on the things that happened in 2015. I’ll save these for another post.

Mom and I talked about going to the movies today to watch an MMFF film, but we were just too lazy to go out after breakfast that we stayed at home instead. I started organizing some of my stuff and throwing some stuff away. This turned out to be a good thing because I found a passbook of an account I totally forgot I had. Whoops!

By late afternoon, we started preparing and then we left for Sai’s house for our New Year’s Eve dinner celebration/mini family reunion. Over the years, and especially as my cousins have started having children of their own, the celebrations have become more about the kids because they’re now the ones who get gifts, who play around the house with all their old and new toys, and who play with child-friendly fireworks and sparklers. The “adults” basically just watch them, take a bunch of their photos, and even take videos. We (yes, I now belong with the adults) also have coffee/tea after dinner and just sit around the table talking.

Every year, I tell my parents that I wanna stay in my aunt’s house til after midnight so we can celebrate the actual new year there, but it has rarely happened. I think the last one was in 2009? After that, dad just kept wanting to go home earlier and earlier to avoid the fireworks on the street. Tsk, tsk. At around maybe 10 or 11PM, dad was telling us to start collecting our stuff and prepare to leave. I didn’t want to argue anymore so we left. Got home and just watched the midnight countdown on TV. When it struck 12, mom, dad, and I hugged each other and jumped a bit. Then, dad immediately went to sleep. Such an oldie.

Happy new year everyone!


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