Philippines 2015: Day 5 (Rustic Mornings, Pinto Art Museum, Cloud Nine, Greeka Kouzina)


Day 5: Dec. 30 (Wednesday)

It’s my birthday! I can’t believe that another year has passed. I’m already past my quarter-life crisis, and I’m already in my late 20s. Time flies!

I wanted to make my birthday a bit “special” by going on a roadtrip, and I’m glad that I was able to find friends who had time and were willing to join me.

Our first stop of the day was Rustic Mornings in Marikina. It’s a popular breakfast place with adorable interiors (can I say kinfolk decor/vibe?) that opens at 8AM. We were the first ones there, and by the time we left, the place was packed and there were at least 3-4 groups waiting. Woah! Since we wanted to try a lot, we ordered different dishes and placed them in the center of our table for everyone to share. Dom and I also ordered drinks – yummy! I even saw one of my orgmates from UP, and they were having breakfast with their family.

After a very long breakfast (we must have stayed there for almost 3 hours), we went to our second stop – Pinto Art Museum. This is also a place I had been wanting to go to since 2013 maybe? I first saw it in my friend TJ’s feed because his friend who lived in Antipolo brought him there. There are 6 galleries in total (but I hear that they’re expanding this year), and they have cool collections and art pieces all around the museum. We were lucky enough to catch a tour guide talking about the pieces when we were there, and so we half-explored on our own, half-followed the tour guide.

The main reason why I wanted to go there was to see Oblivious in gallery 3 (below) because it looked so cool in pictures and I wanted to take a picture myself. I also wanted to see it up close, and IT IS as cool in person as it is in pictures. Glad  to have finally seen it! After a couple of hours, we were getting hungry and tired from walking around and appreciating all the art pieces so we decided to have lunch. There weren’t any seats left in the in-house cafe/restaurants so we went to Cloud Nine instead.

It’s this restaurant/hotel that has an overlooking view of Manila on one side, and Antipolo on the other (I think?). They also have a hanging bridge that has a 360deg view of the surroundings. We ordered the grilled chicken, pork tamarind soup, and vegetables. We also ordered calamansi juice. Maybe it’s because we were hungry, or the food was really delicious. Simple but delicious. Normally, the price to walk on the hanging bridge was 50PhP but if you eat at the restaurant, you can get 30min free use of the bridge. I was supposed to walk up the bridge, but halfway there, there weren’t any trees beneath us anymore; it was just the ground (looking down from way up above). I have a fear of heights and I was left with other people who were also afraid, so when someone suggested we go back, I lost my nerves and went back with them. Huhuhuhu oh well!

For dinner, mom and I were originally looking at this newly-opened okonomiyaki restaurant in Greenhills called Dohtonbori, but we felt like dad wouldn’t appreciate it so we ended up eating in Greeka Kouzina instead. That was my second option since I also missed their fig walnut salad and their pork chops. Yum! Overall, it was a really wonderful day and I was really happy I was able to do/experience new things and that I was able to spend it with friends and family. Here’s to my 26th!


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