Philippines 2015: Day 4 (The Frazzled Cook, Cocio, La Lola Churreria, Mad Mark’s Creamery)


Day 4: Dec. 29 (Tuesday)

The day before, I only had dinner plans for this day. However, the universe conspired (hahaha) to fill up even my lunch and afternoon with plans.

Dom and Judy picked me up for brunch (it was supposed to be for breakfast, but due to some circumstances, we moved it to brunch/lunch) at The Frazzled Cook. It’s a cute restaurant located somewhere in Tomas Morato. We tried not to order a lot (did we succeed?) since we weren’t super hungry and because I still had plans after lunch. We ordered the cheese poppers, wagyu salpicao,  and the squid ink paella. We also ordered individual iced teas because they were in cute jars. The food were all really delicious! I’ll be sure to take my parents there next time.

After lunch, we went to Family Mart because I wanted to try this imported chocolate drink from Denmark that’s recently been gaining popularity in Manila (I’ve seen in so much in my friend’s feeds). It’s by this brand called Cocio and it comes in either milk chocolate (classic) or dark chocolate. I tried the Classic chocolate milk. It’s pretty expensive at PhP73 (??) a bottle (I heard from a friend that it’s cheaper at supermarkets though) but it tastes really chocolate-y. Apparently, it’s only made with 3 ingredients – cocoa, milk, and sugar. I’ll probably not buy it again because I find it to be more on the pricy side, also because it contains sugar, but at least I was able to try it even once.

After we finished drinking, Dom dropped me off Gilmore LRT2 station and I went to UP Town Center from there. Met up with Marielle whom I last met with in 2013. She’s now based in Boracay and it was a happy coincidence that she was in Manila that day and that we were both free. We decided to go to La Lola Churreria for their churros because again, it’s one of those places that I’ve seen a lot in my feed and well, Spanish food! We weren’t super hungry so we shared an order of churros with chocolate dip. Turns out, you have to order them separately. Here I thought an order of churros would come with chocolate dip (cos that’s how they’re supposed to be!) but no.

We basically caught up with each other’s lives and then after a couple of hours, she had to leave. I walked around until I had to meet with Nicole and Rox at Mad Mark’s Creamery. Rox chose the place because she said that they had really affordable steak and yummy homemade ice cream.

It had been a day of eating so I opted for a smaller burger instead of a huge steak. We also ordered the pecan ice cream, which was creamy and delicious. Just as get-togethers go, we spent a couple of hours just chatting about each other’s lives – past, present, and future. We also talked about some of our common friends and wondered how they currently are. Both Nic and Rox gave me some goodies. Wee!


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