Philippines 2015: Day 3 (Shangri-la Mall, Epicurious, Wicked, Arya, Craft Coffee Revolution)


Day 3: Dec. 28 (Monday)

I met with my group of friends from UP EURO. Whenever we’d meet, we’d usually go to Shang because it’s the most convenient for EVERYONE to go to (I think?). Since I was the first one to get there, I went to Beauty Bar to see if the tweezers Jackie wanted were there. I was able to get it, and then met up with Hope and Mitch after. We were aimlessly walking around chatting and thinking of where to eat. Eventually, we ended up at Epicurious because none of us had been there before, and apparently, Mitch or Hope had been wanting to try it.

The way it works is that you choose what you want to eat – there’s a wide selection of delicatessen, raw meat and fish, ready-made food (pastas and salads), dessert, and drinks. For the raw food products, you tell the chef how you want it cooked but if you don’t have any preference, they’ll decide for you. You can also order plain rice, paella rice, mashed potatoes, and French fries. The food will come to your table after it is cooked, and when you’re done eating, you just go to the cashier and pay the bill. We ordered the rosemary chicken, ribs, pork, and I forgot what else. I just remember that we were all in agreement that the chicken was dry. The ribs and the pork were delicious. I also liked the mashed potatoes because it was creamy but not overly creamy that would make you want to puke it out (TMI?).

After lunch, we went to Wicked because we wanted to try their signature dessert – chocolate barks. I don’t know when it first came out, but I had heard of chocolate barks (which are basically like deconstructed smores, if you can call it that). The chefs in Wicked were/are students of CCA, this culinary school in Manila. We ordered the milk chocolate chocolate barks and the dark chocolate chocolate barks. Aside from those, we also ordered drinks. I chose the chai tea latte because I’d been missing it, but it wasn’t super good. Oh well, I’ll stick to CBTL’s because theirs is better. We stayed there for another couple of hours until Teej and Hope had to leave for work. Before going our separate ways, Hope spontaneously decided to have an additional ear hole (cartilage?) pierced. Hahaha! Brave girl. Mitch and I stayed behind to walk around a bit before we had to leave. I walked to the cab stop and waited for a cab home. There wasn’t much traffic so I was home in less than half an hour.

Had another appointment for dinner but since it was still early, I was able to take a nap. When I woke up, mom drove me to Robinson’s Magnolia where my dinner meet-up was. I met up with Monica and Clare, both I haven’t seen in so long. I think I saw Clare here in Taipei in 2013, but I haven’t seen Monica in maybe over 7 years. Wow, time flies. We decided to have Persian food so we went to Arya. We shared orders of kabab and koubideh (?). I also ordered the Yogurt Smoothie because it’s something my sister and I would always get whenever we’d have Persian food (Mister Kabab, yo! We spent the next few hours catching up with each other’s lives. Can’t believe how much time has passed, yet at the same time it felt as if nothing much has changed between us. We can still talk about random stuff and I didn’t feel uncomfortable even if we hadn’t seen in each other in so long.

After dinner, we were supposed to go to either Starbucks or CBTL, but for some reason Clare suggested Cafe Breton and so we drove there looking forward to eating crepes for dessert. When we got there, they were already closed. Boohoo! We decided to go to Craft Coffee Revolution (which was located beside) for dessert instead. We ordered a macadamia nut cake (? I forgot what it’s called), a Flat White (mine), and Hot Chocolate (Clare’s). We continued talking until the place closed and we had to leave.

All in all a fun day!


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