November 2015


I haven’t written anything for November because I feel like life has been pretty much the same. Nothing really exciting or different has happened that I’d want to write about immediately. It’s the 30th of November – tomorrow it’s good bye November and hello December. Days pass by quickly and life falls into some sort of routine for me. Of course, this month has also been filled with meals and conversations with friends, or activities that aren’t part of my usual routine and those are the ones I’m going to write about in this entry. Workwise, I didn’t have a heavy load during the first half of this month and it was pretty boring to be honest. Sigh. This might sound a bit crazy but I miss the feeling of having actual work and being busy accomplishing things. Towards the end of the month, I became busy again so that was good. It really is true that we have to set our own goals for ourselves with what we want to achieve at work or in our career in general. Lemme think about that.

On to happier things! Below are the things (aside from work) that have happened this month:

T discovered this supposedly really good and inexpensive pork chop meal at a night market so we decided to go there for dinner. It’s deep-fried pork chop with a side of salad, rice, and soup – all for less than NTD100, if I remember correctly. The stall was really small and they only had 1 table so if you wanted to eat there, you had to wait. It was also hot inside their food area. Other than that, the food was really good and delicious.

We had our annual physical examination and I was finally able to participate for the first time. Last year, I wasn’t eligible to join because I hadn’t been in the company for a year. Since it was my first time, I thought that the earlier I got there, the better. Apparently, it’s not. I got there at around 8:30AM (it started at 8AM) and finished at about 10:30ish. Some people arrived past 10 and were done by around 11, I think? I’ll try to arrive later next year and see how it goes. We only had basic tests – height, weight, BMI, vision, auditory, blood extraction, ECG (EKG?), X-ray, abdomen ultrasound, urinalysis. If you wanted to run other tests, you’d have to pay extra.

After the health checkup, I went to the yoga center to attend a yoga class. I was already in the area, so why not? It was my first time going there on a Saturday and I was pretty surprised that there were still a lot of people there despite it being a weekend. I attended this yoga class (I forgot what type it was) for the first time and it was pretty good. I didn’t sweat a lot because the room wasn’t that hot and the windows were open, but overall, it was a good workout. However, it did reinforce the previously known fact that I do not have a lot of core strength. Huhuhu. Gotta work more on that.

T and I also watched a lot of movies over the entire month, mainly because we like to watch movies and because we want to make good use of our huge TV screen with matching speakers. All we need now is a dark room for that movie theater feel. We watched Scorch Trials (the 2nd installment of the Maze Runner trilogy), Pay the Ghost, Antman, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Vacation, and Poltergeist. I only really liked Antman and U.N.C.L.E, the rest were so-so/cringe-inducing.

We also made some trips to Carrefour to just walk around or buy stuff. T has said that a huge part of our expenses go to food/groceries. I agree. We’re just two little piglets, hahaha! We also went to Jen’s house for dinner one Sunday night because T went to Kaohsiung and had something for his grandma.

This month, I drank quite a bit of coffee from outside such as Starbucks because they had frequent promos and my colleagues and I would end up buying. My cousins and I also had dinner at Mr. Blackbird and I had their coffee too because I think the minimum corkage (?) was to order a drink. The reason why we ended up at Mr. Blackbird was that it was across Rody’s Caffe, and the latter didn’t have any seats so we had to look for another place to have dinner. After dinner, we went around Dunhua to shop. I bought this really comfortable outerwear that had a bit of a smart casual feel to it. I bought it because it wasn’t expensive and because of the smart casual feel, because then I could wear it to more corporate-y settings and I’d be warm. It’s not that thick but it’s good for fall weather.

Our team had lunch at Kanpai Classic to celebrate J’s 4th anniversary in the office as well as the successful passing of our 35th anniversary event week. I’m thankful that J chose that place because I’d never been there before, and I’ve heard that it was the most expensive one among Kanpai’s group of restaurants. I’m not sure but I think it was also my first time having wagyu beef! It was sooooo good – melts in your mouth goodness. I ordered the wagyu beef lunch set that comes with 3 different types of wagyu beef, rice, a small salad, soup, a drink, and dessert.

That day, I also met up with some of my MA friends Tim and Eric. We were supposed to have dinner at this recently opened Japanese restaurant but it was still very popular so they were already full (and there was a long line) when we got there and weren’t receiving customers for the rest of the night. We ended up eating at this Thai noodle restaurant called Very Thai. It’s really good and I liked the flavors. The serving is huge and it’s value for your money. The set comes with a drink and their volcano ice cream. Yuuum. I was too full from the noodles that I wasn’t able to drink my Thai milk tea anymore and I had to take it home. After dinner, we went to the food court to sit down and continue talking. Then, we went our separate ways because it was a work/school night. Hahaha!

One Saturday afternoon, we had our company’s annual team building activity. This year is the 2nd one and I was lucky enough to also have been able to join the 1st one last year. It was better this year because the organizers planned something different – the breakout room! When it first became popular in the Philippines, I was already in Taiwan and so I never experienced it with my friends. As the name suggests, you have to break out of the room. Each room has a different scenario/story of why you got there and why you need to get out, and there are different clues or locks/codes/passwords in the rooms to allow you to eventually get out. I was lucky enough to have played two rooms, and both times we failed to get out. After that, we had dinner at a nearby restaurant. There was sooo much food, all of which were delicious. Omnomnom.

H’s “friend” came over and they watched a movie in the living room while I stayed holed up in my room waiting for T to come home. I’m writing this because I want to remember this in the future. We still don’t know if they’re going to last but they’re just at the start of their relationship so let’s see.

My friend L bought me a Starbucks drink because there was a buy one get one free promo. Aww! Another time, this sales guy D asked me to translate something for him and then he bought me a cup of coffee in exchange for that. I was touched because he didn’t need to do that (other sales people don’t anyway) but he offered and I accepted. There’s also this drinks stall near the office that’s been pretty popular for the past few months, so when Ellen asked if I wanted to order with them, I did. I ordered the taro milk drink and it was yummy because it had real taro bits. However, I feel like it’s really just made with taro and milk – nothing else. Towards the end, the drink wasn’t blended/mixed well anymore.

T and I went to Costco with Jackie to buy stuff that mom wanted such as raw almonds, dried blueberries, etc. Over the weekend, T and I went to the market to buy some vegetables and meat. When we got home, I decided to finally cook sinigang (tamarind soup) for the first time. While I cooked that, T decided to cook his version of Filipino adobo. We call it his version because he put chili peppers that made the adobo spicy (instead of the salty sweet).

Anna was in Taipei for a brief amount of time, and we met up with Lorr and Ann over brunch at Oma Berlin Bistro. We were supposed to go to Drip Coffee but they didn’t open until 12nn and we didn’t have that much time since Anna’s flight was in the afternoon. It was all our first times there and despite really liking the homemade breads, I found the food to be pretty expensive – especially given its quantity.

T gave me this Japanese beauty product (Kose’s toner) that supposedly helps in whitening/brightening. It’s a toner that you apply after you cleanse your face and before you put on your moisturizer. A lot of reviews on the Internet say that it’s better used as a face mask though (but then you’d have to use more of the product) and that’s how I’ve been using it.

It was my first time going to a notary public here in Taipei. We went because we needed to register our BLs for the Brazil Customs, and it’s either you go to the Brazil Embassy/Representative Office to have their authorized signature or you go to a notary public. We went to the latter.

That’s it! Goodbye November.


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