Third week of October 2015?


Since I’m in the mood to write, I won’t wait until the end of the month to write another entry. I’ll just write about the past week.

Yoga classes were really tiring because for some reason, the teachers decided to make the routines harder? That and because I keep trying to push myself so I try to do harder levels.

We had a lecture regarding DG cargo, which is currently a hot topic especially after the Tianjin explosion involving DG (dangerous goods) cargo. Unfortunately, the speaker spent most of time basically talking about how to fill out the DG application form for carriers, and giving super detailed information that aren’t really necessary especially for just a 1 hour talk. It was too much.

I wanted to go out for dinner and T saw this Groupon for discounted Wagyu burgers so he bought those and we got to eat at a new (one we’ve never been to before) restaurant called Gyuho. I’ll write a separate entry about this.

I joined my first ever company outing. When it was announced, I wanted to go since it was going to be sponsored by the company (using funds previously deducted from our salaries, btw), and I chose the package that was within the budget (meaning I didn’t need to pay anything else). However, I didn’t have any friends in the company whom I can room with, and I didn’t know anyone else who needed roommates so I gave up the idea of joining the trip. Luckily, someone from another department heard about my predicament and coincidentally was also looking for a roommate. She also found someone else so the three of us were supposed to be roommates. Eventually though, the third one resigned and wasn’t going to attend the company trip anymore so it ended up being just the two of us in the room. We had 2 large beds all to ourselves. I will also write a separate entry about this.

T and I watched the following movies the past week (or two?): Pixels, Age of Adaline, Insidious 3, and American Ultra.

The Philippines will be having its presidential elections next year, in 2016. Coincidentally, Taiwan is also having its elections next year. Anyway, I had been seeing a lot of people posting on social media about registering to vote, and I also saw some posts about registering as an overseas voter. For some reason, I was compelled to register and so one afternoon, I went to the Manila Economic and Cultural Office here in Taipei to do just that. It didn’t take long, thank goodness. You go there, fill out an application form, and hand it over the counter together with a photocopy of your passport. That’s it. When it’s your turn, they call you to take your fingerprints, signature, and picture. Then, they will give you a paper that you have to bring next year when you vote. You also need to provide an address in the Philippines where they will send your voter’s ID (or so they say). They will ask for the barangay number of that address but I don’t think it’s really necessary because I didn’t know our barangay number so I just gave our zip code instead. I hope that will do.

When I bought my plane tickets back home for December, I wasn’t planning on going back for CNY. Eventually though, I realized that I might not have the chance to go back for as long as I could if I went home during the CNY holidays. I decided to go home anyway despite the (now) more expensive tickets. I compared Cebu Pacific, PAL, Eva Air, and China Airlines tickets and the cheapest was PAL so I went with them.

This might be TMI, and I can’t remember if I’ve talked about it before, but I would usually crave chicken chop and pearl milk tea whenever I’m on my period. I’d allow myself to eat that combination at least once a month (it’s a really “deadly” combination due to its calorie content) and so I had it once this week.

I chatted with some of my friends back home, and it felt good to connect and communicate with people again. Most of my work is revolved around emails and I rarely get phone calls so there can be days wherein I won’t say much. I feel like I don’t know how to properly talk to people anymore, and my communication and conversational skills have deteriorated. The same goes for my language abilities (English, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese). Sigh.

T’s cousin attended a mass wedding presided over by the city mayor. I think him and his (now) wife only joined it because they can take a picture with the mayor, and probably because there are other freebies? I’m not sure. They had a mini-celebration (because their official wedding reception is in December) by holding a dinner at 海霸王 and we were invited. We went all the way to Sanchong (which is a bit far from where we live) for dinner. I was surprised that we were invited but it was still a good night of eating and talking (a bit awkwardly) with T’s relatives.

Abby, Jackie, and I were supposed to try this vegan restaurant somewhere around the Guting area, but since Abby hasn’t gotten her salary yet, we decided to just have a baking day instead. They have a lot of ingredients that they wanted to use. We ended up making this 3-ingredient Nutella brownie that we got off BuzzFood and this molten lava chocolate cake. We added pecans to the brownies because they had a lot of it, and for that added crunch. Abby was the one in charge of the lava cake so I don’t know its ingredients. We also cooked adobo (this traditional Filipino dish), water spinach, and Shanghai-style udon noodles for dinner. Yummy! Jackie left after dinner because she still had to pack for her business trip to Hong Kong, and Abby and I stayed for about an hour longer just talking and catching up with each other because we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

It’s our company’s 35th anniversary week and I’m a bit nervous because it’s a really big event and there are a lot of agents coming from all over the world. Eep. I hope everything goes smoothly. Can you believe November is just around the corner?

I saw this article online but I forgot its title because I only took down some points from the article. It’s basically a summary of some books (which reminds me of this app Blinkist that does the same thing but for a monthly fee, of course) that the author feels are worth reading. The reason he/she summarized the key points of those books are to help the people who don’t have enough time to read the books cover to cover. I am writing down some of the main ideas I noted from the article.

From the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek:

– The Golden Circle consists of three concentric circles. The what is the outer layer, the how is middle layer, and the why is the core.

From the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen

– Focus. When other thoughts enter the mind, record them on an external nearby Thought Bucket. Empty the Thought Bucket weekly and organize it.

From the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris

– The 80/20 rule applies with work: 20% of work will bring 80% of results. So, focus on being productive instead of busy. Be picky about your customers. The 20/80 rule applies. Top 20% of your customers will be responsible for 80% of revenue, so attend to them.

– Five steps to independence: 1) start with a full time 9–5 job; 2) move to a full time remote 9–5 job; 3) gain efficiency to reduce 9–5 tasks to 9–1; 4) use other time to automate alternative income; 5) quit old job and live on alternative income.


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