Last week of August 2015


Can you believe that the last week of August has come and gone? We’re already in the -ber months, and if I were in the Philippines, that means that you can start hearing Christmas songs being played in malls or by radio stations. You can also start counting down the days til Christmas (100ish days) and New Year. I can also start counting down the days til my birthday! Here in Taiwan  though, I don’t think it’s really a big deal that it’s already September. Compared to the Philippines I mean.

The last week of August was pretty uneventful work-wise. It was pretty boring and routine, and I wasn’t super busy, which was good because then I got to work on some reports and little stuff that I hadn’t had time to do, but bad because I’d get really sleepy and I’d feel bored.

Life-wise, it was pretty eventful. On Thursday, T and I had dinner with Jackie, Patrick, and Kuya R. Apparently, there’s this Malaysian chain restaurant that opened its first Taipei branch last May. They’ve been wanting to try it out and they invited me to come along with them. It was a good thing Jackie made reservations beforehand, because there were a lot of people when we got there. There was also a long waiting list. Whew! The food was good, and they had a lot of options to choose from. They also have this service button that you press to call the attention of the servers, which I thought was cool.

On Saturday, we went to Jen’s house for her birthday celebration. They ordered take away food from this pretty famous Chinese restaurant called 海霸王. Their food is also good but I’ve had them so many times (they have the same set meals, give or take a few dishes) that I’m a bit tired of it. After lunch, we played mahjong but we were all so sleepy from such a filling lunch that we played slowly and half-heartedly. When we finally decided to raise the stakes (read: bet real money), after a couple of rounds, Jen’s boyfriend called to say that his dinner plans got canceled and he can meet up with her. We ended up watching The Gift at Showtime Banqiao. It’s supposedly a thriller/suspense movie but I felt like it lacked suspense. The following day, all of us (minus Jen’s boyfriend) went to Mega City Banqiao to watch Inside Out. It’s a reallyyyy good movie!

I’d been wanting to watch it ever since I saw the trailer, but I thought that we would see into the minds of more than 1 character. In reality, the movie mainly focused on what was going on inside the daughter’s head. Good movie, nevertheless. After the movie, we went to Cote a Cote for lunch. It looked cute from the outside so we thought it would be yummy. I found it to be ordinary, and a bit pricy too. At least we know now not to go back there in the future. I was super sleepy after lunch that when we got home, I took a nap until it was time to leave the house again.

Roxane treated us out to dinner since she’s already working and earning. We went to this Japanese teppanyaki restaurant in Jingmei. It’s a set menu but you get to choose for example, what type of soup you want, or what you want for your main course, etc. I didn’t think I’d be full especially because it didn’t look like a lot, but I was wrong. The food was also really good, and at a reasonable price as well.

After dinner, T and I walked around Jingmei night market because he wanted to look for shoes. He didn’t find any that he liked/fit him well, and I ended up buying 2 tops. Whoops.

My manager is back from her month-long trip to the US. She came back with some goodies for us such as Popcorners, Pretzels, and Benefit’s blush in the shade Dandelion. Wee! Can’t believe the month just passed by so quickly.


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