August 17-23, 2015


Nothing really special happened last week work and life wise. It was a pretty regular and routine week.

Work-wise, the load wasn’t heavy and I was mostly chill. There were times when I’d be really busy with emails that time passes by and the next thing I know, it’s already lunch time or it’s already the end of our working day. There weren’t a lot though, so the rest of the time, I spent reading articles to enrich my mind, organizing my email folders, and working on our quarterly report. It felt nice being able to work on those things at a leisurely pace; unlike last time when I was so stressed out finishing the report because I didn’t have time to really work on it.

I don’t recall anything worth sharing except that twice last week, I got free Starbucks’ drinks. The first one was when they had their buy one get one free promo. J and I asked V to buy them, and C decided to join in. Eventually, he said that it would be his treat. Awwww. The second one was when P.R. suddenly called J into his office, and when J came out she said that P.R. would buy Starbucks drinks for us. Totally unexpected. Both times, I got the iced caramel macchiato because they were out of chai tea latte. Boo!

Life-wise, I started going back to the yoga center. I hadn’t had time to attend yoga classes the previous week because my family was here. Add to that our pig-out sessions during those days, I really had to workout again. It felt good to be back on the mat even if I felt like I was doing the poses half-assed the first few days. I was just really tired and I was not wholly into it. I enjoyed the classes though, even if they’re really tiring.

It was the lunar Valentine’s Day on Thursday but T and I decided to “celebrate” it on Friday. By celebrate, I mean having a steak dinner at home. T doesn’t really like to spend money on things he knows can be cheaper if done at home (such as watching movies, having steak, dyeing your hair, drinking latte, etc.). Sometimes, we “splurge” by going out and spending money on those things but mostly, we just do them at home. He bought sirloin steak and cooked them himself. He also prepared some roasted (?) vegetables and a side salad. We ate dinner while watching Home Sweet Hell, which is a really weird movie starring Katherine Heigl. The Internet says it’s dark comedy but I found it to be weird. There were some dark humor (?) in the movie but overall, I don’t think it’s really worth watching, especially not in the movie house.

On Saturday afternoon, we finally made time to go to Wufenpu to look for clothes. I had been wanting to buy new clothes since I already threw out a lot of my old ones / I feel like a lot of my old ones don’t look good on me anymore / I just want new clothes. However, I didn’t see a lot I liked because they were mostly crop tops and playsuits. Thinking about them now, I should have bought at least 1 or 2 playsuits just because I don’t have anything like those in my closet. Maybe next time.

After Wufenpu, we went to Shilin night market to meet up with some of my UPCSA friends Barbie and Mei. It started to rain pretty hard on our way there so we were icky by the time we got to the meeting place (we were on a motorcycle). Good thing the rain stopped when we got there. We walked to the night market and just started exploring. We bought sweet rice cakes, chicken chops, sausages, oyster omelets, etc. – basically a lot of typical Taiwanese food.

We stayed at home on Sunday, if I remember correctly. That’s it, another week!


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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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