August 5, 2015


For some reason, we couldn’t access our server this morning that went on for more than half an hour. I used the time to leisurely have breakfast whilst checking my social media sites.

C wanted to try making Kopi Teh, which is coffee milk tea, but the first batch didn’t turn out so good. It was really bitter. We added milk and that made it better (rhyme?). In the afternoon, he came back with condensed milk because I made a comment that it is usually mixed with condensed milk. Hahahaha!

I read an article that said:

Don’t spend more than 15% of net income on food. This includes groceries and does not include prepared food. Prepared food is part of your entertainment budget.

Don’t spend more than 10% of net income on entertainment/gifts. This includes bars, restaurants, movies, music, books, gifts, etc. Eating out and any prepared food you purchase is part of your entertainment budget.

Don’t spend more than 5% of net income on clothing.

That reminds me that I was supposed to make a list of my monthly expenses. Oops gotta do that tomorrow. Our salaries also came today, and I didn’t meet my monthly target salary because I filed for leaves instead of OT pay. My family’s visiting so I’m taking 2 days off work to go around with them. There’s news that a strong typhoon is arriving over the weekend and I hope it won’t be true.

Chatted with R today about some sales and KB stuff. Woah. After work, I watched Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation with J. We had dinner at 開丼 before the movie. Yum. I really liked the movie because it was interesting from beginning to end. There were no boring parts for me and it was filled with funny and action-packed scenes. So cool!

Y finally emailed me about a new shipment. Woohoo! I’ve been expecting his email because based on previous shipments, it was about time a new shipment became ready. Yay!


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