Come and go, July


We’re already in the last few days of July. Can you believe that? The second half of July has been pretty eventful as well.

One of my (very few) Taiwanese friends came back from her 4-month internship in Germany, so we met up with our other American friend for lunch at Yiamas Greek Taverna. I’d been craving Greeka Kouzina’s (a Greek restaurant in the Philippines) fig arugula salad and thought that maybe Yiamas’ roka salata would satisfy my craving but I was completely wrong. So disappointing. T ordered the moussaka, and it was good but it was overpriced. The roka salata was expensive as well. Oh well, at least I’ve crossed that restaurant off my list and I know not to go back there anymore. I also received a hand cream from Germany. Aww, thank you!


T and I tried out this Indonesian restaurant that his Indonesian colleagues frequent, and according to them, it’s the closest authentic restaurant they’ve tried so far. We ordered the chicken curry and the chicken satay. The food’s good and it’s cheap/prices are pretty average. The food reminded me of Singapore though, because it was during my first trip to Singapore that I tried such food.


The microwave in our pantry broke down for a couple of days, and so we weren’t able to use it. In those few days, T made me sushi so that I won’t have to heat my food anymore. Aww, so sweet! I’m really super lucky to have such a good and caring boyfriend.


We celebrated Goku’s birthday at Ponderosa Steakhouse. Yummy!

This is a character that the company Animax (?) set up at the bus stop where I take the bus home from work. So cute! Originally, it was in the center of the bus stop, but a lot of people were probably taking pictures with it that eventually, it was moved to the side. A sign that warned/told people to pay attention to incoming cars was also placed on the character. Hahaha.

Free cake from my manager!

One of my friends from high school who’s currently working in Singapore came to Taipei for a short vacation, and so we met up with another one of our high school friends who is also based in Taipei for lunch. We ate at this pretty expensive Italian restaurant Solo Pasta whose chef apparently goes to Italy every so often to learn new techniques and dishes and whatnot. The pasta was really delicious, I might say, it’s flavorful and the pasta was cooked really well. However, the size wasn’t that big and so I felt like I wasn’t really satisfied/full. There’s also a minimum consumption fee per person of TWD350. Yikes.

Oh well, at least we were able to try it?

Duck breast pasta

Lemon pie

After lunch, we went to Net because Paul wanted to check out the sales. T and I had to leave after a while though, because I was supposed to go and dye my hair. In the end, I didn’t. It was pretty late and it would take so long to have my hair dyed, so we just went to their company gym and worked out.

There’s this restaurant that we always pass by on our way home from work (whenever T picks me up from work, that is) that I’ve been wanting to try. It’s called Bear Hits Toast, pretty similar in name to one of my favorite restaurants Shark Bites Toast, which was why I thought it was good too. I was wrong. Their food wasn’t anything special.

On the last day of the month, J asked me if I wanted to have KFC for dinner and since I hadn’t had their food in a while, I agreed. I went for their Mexican salsa chicken pita wrap something because I was craving for pita wrap. Heehee. Yuuuuum!

Anyway, I’m going to try this thing wherein I blog every day for the whole month of August. The posts do not have to be meaningful, or long, but I just need to write down something every day. Let’s see how that goes.


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