[Taiwan] Therese Eats: Road Runner Burger, Beer, Cafe


This is another restaurant that my cousins and I wanted to try, and this one is located around the Shida area. We met up one Saturday afternoon to go shopping but before that, we decided to have early dinner. Since we didn’t want to eat at Bambi Bambi (our go-to restaurant around the area) because we wanted to try something new, we finally had the opportunity to eat at Road Runner.

When we got there, there were a few occupied tables but there was only one employee. He apologized to us saying that for some reason, all the other employees said that they were going to be late that day. #bestemployeeaward goes to him then! He was also the chef. Wow.

We weren’t in any rush so we sat down at an empty table and looked at the menu. We even told him to take his time and that we were fine waiting.

I ordered the beef avocado burger meal. You can either choose to have fries or a salad and unlimited drink. They have Swiss Miss in their drinks list! I chose the salad because I’m not a big fan of fries.

They give you plastic gloves so that you won’t get your hands dirty. The burger was reallyyyy good, which was made even better by the reasonable (read: not expensive) price.

We also decided to order fried calamari as a side dish. We were choosing between the mozzarella sticks and the fried calamari, and it was a good thing we went for the latter because we eventually got free mozzarella sticks as the restaurant’s way of “making up” for letting us wait. We were really surprised because we didn’t even complain or anything, and we totally understood that the guy was all by himself and he had to take people’s orders, cook their food, and serve their foods until another employee showed up to help him.

After we paid the bill, they gave us a free fortune cookie. It was funny how my fortune was the only one with English. My cousins’ were in Chinese. Hahahaha talk about coincidence. Timely “fortune” too!

Really yummy food and reasonable prices = satisfied customers!

Address: 106台北市大安區羅斯福路三段171號2樓之1 (2nd Floor, No. 171-1 Roosevelt Road Sec. 3, Daan District Taipei City) – near MRT Taipower Building Station exit 3

Telephone Number: 02-23686801

Operating Hours: Weekdays (4PM-12MN), Weekends (11:30AM-12MN)

Facebook page: Road Runner Burger, Beer, Cafe


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