[Taiwan] Therese Eats: Galette


I found out about this restaurant from my cousin who had previously been there and posted a picture online. I felt like it was such a cool place to go to, so one Saturday afternoon, I told my boyfriend that we should go.

It’s a cafe wherein you can hang out, eat, and assemble jigsaw puzzles. They also have free wifi and they don’t have a time limit (which is both good and bad – good for those who already have seats and bad for those wanting to get a seat) so you can stay there for as long as you like. They also have this promo where they give you free cookies if you finish assembling a 300-pc puzzle.

When we got there, there were no vacant tables, and so we had to wait for around half an hour (maybe?) before we were finally seated. Ended up with this 300-pc Starry Night puzzle because it was the only 300-pc puzzle left. It was sooo hard to assemble because most of the pieces look alike and because the color scheme mostly revolved around different shades of blue and yellow.

We also ordered the quiche and matcha latte, which were yummy. I also like the cup because it’s really pretty. One of the downsides is that our table was a bit small so it was kinda cramped. Had we ordered two drinks/food, then it wouldn’t fit on our table anymore.

After around 5 hours (WHAAAT!), we were finally almost done with the puzzle!!!

Below are the cookies that we got for free. If you have nothing to do and want to spend the entire day out of your house, then you can try going to Galette just to try it out.

Address: 台北市大安區辛亥路一段136號 (No. 136, Sec. 1, Xinhai Road, Daan District, Taipei)

Operating Hours: 11:30AM-10:00PM

Telephone Number: 02 2362 2585

Website: 葛樂蒂咖啡館 Galette Cafe



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