Hello July!


We’re already more than two weeks into July and I must say that the month has been off to a good start. Work-wise, I’ve still been doing mostly the same things. As of the moment, I’ve secured a number of shipments that have good (in my opinion at least) profits. That’s one thing I’m happy about. I hope I get more shipments that have good profits in the coming weeks. There are some days when I have nothing urgent to do though, so I’m left almost bored out of my wits. I spend the time reading news articles or Spanish articles instead so that way, I still do something productive and I still use my brain.

Life-wise, I’ve been doing bikram yoga almost everyday (except during the weekend and last Monday) after work. It’s tiring but I feel myself getting a weeee bit stronger compared to when I started. It’s only been around a month though, so I hope to be stronger after a couple more months. My goal is to be able to do push-ups to know that my arm strength has improved. At the moment, I can’t even do one push-up. Weak, I know. I also hope to flatten my tummy.

Mango shake

Homemade brunch

Cherries from RO

The past two weekends have also been eventful. The first Saturday, I went to R’s house for an afternoon of baking together with other Filipino scholars. They made rainbow cake and I just stood beside them reading out the instructions. Hahaha! While the rainbow cake was baking, I made revel bars with the help of Jackie, Kristine, and Hana. T also made meatballs for dinner. We were supposed to have dinner there but then Roxane called me up saying we would eat out for her birthday dinner celebration, so T and I left after the revel bars had been baked. Hihihi. I was surprised that it revel bars were easy to make, and they didn’t require a lot of ingredients.

2 of the layers of our rainbow cake

Components of our revel bars

Rainbow cake

With my babies <3

On the first Sunday, I met up with Jen and Jill for brunch. Jen picked me up at home (she drove, and it feels nice to ride a car again, because it’s been so long since I last rode a car) and then we drove to the hotel where Jill was staying. Then, we went to Mega City Banqiao supposedly for lunch. There were a lot of people so we ended up going to the Banqiao station instead. We settled for lunch al fresco at N.Y. Bagels Cafe. After that, we walked around the mall and Jen bought some stuff from Uniqlo.

Had the Croque Madame French Toast

Had Thai-style hotpot with T. Yummyyyy! You can choose 2 soup bases, and we went with green curry and lemongrass.

I was able to attend a seminar on China’s “One Belt, One Road” Development Strategy/Framework. I really enjoyed it because it was very informative and the speaker really prepared for it. Learned a lot, and of course, I also still have to read up on it more. By some miracle, we didn’t have work last Friday because of the typhoon. We had been hearing people saying that there might be a possibility of work being suspended, but we didn’t take them seriously because it didn’t happen that often. However, at around 10PM on Thursday, work was suspended. Woohoo! We ended up watching Taken, Big Game, Spy, and Home over the second weekend. I also cooked pasta that day and we paired it with red wine.

The second Saturday, we had lunch with Ansell, Steph, Goku’s family, and 6ku at 1010 because Ansell and Steph were here from Singapore. After lunch, we went back to Goku’s house to hang out for a while.

In the afternoon, Roxane and I accompanied Steph to Songshan Creative Park because she wanted to see how it looked like. The current exhibitions weren’t interesting for us, so we didn’t check out any. We also walked inside Eslite Spectrum to look at the stores and whatnots. Steph wanted to go to Wufenpu on her own, so we let her go, and Roxane and I met up with Richelle for afternoon tea.

We went to Le Tao for pancakes, cakes, and drinks. Yuuuum! After that, we went to some stores around 101 such as H&M, the newly opened Forever 21, GU, etc. I was looking for tops since I didn’t have any anymore, but I only ended up buying rings from H&M and then buying tops online. Hahahaha. T and I watched Jurassic World at night!

芒果之戀,厚燒鬆餅 (NTD360)

綜合水果雙味乳酪蛋糕 (NTD250)

The second Sunday, we went to Jen’s house to swim. Since their condo’s pool had just recently opened to the tenants (it’s a new condo), they wanted to check it out, and they invited us over. After swimming, we had dinner and then we played mahjong.


  • First time receiving a call and an email from the International Maritime Bureau regarding a BL “random” check. Ooooh
  • Finally got the yoga mat my “consultant” promised
  • How hard is it to coordinate cargo pick-up?! Ugh. This is turning into a “he said she said” thing.
  • Better work ethics please. Ugh. Why can’t I just care less.
  • Substitute teacher was arrogant but his class is the most tiring I’ve attended simply bec he doesn’t take any breaks and his moves are hard. Someone left halfway through and after that, he blocked the door and said no one leaves. He told us to push ourselves and to not give up
  • 下班後… R: 妳今天心情不好吼? T: 就是剛才那個啊… 我好好地問她,結果她很兇… 就是很不爽。 R: 對啊, 我有聽到。我也不爽。下次也要對他們不客氣了。 Aww, I’m thankful to have such a good manager!
  • Got an email from a local… I’ll call it a start-up. Flattering.
  • I sorta went behind your back cos you didn’t wanna do your job. I got the green light from my manager, & I don’t need you to like me anyway.
  • Such a busyyy day. Had to deal with a lot of issues today. Siiiighhh.
  • Headed to a meeting. Let’s see how this goes.
  • Wow can’t believe we talked for 1.5 hrs! Wanted to take pics of the cafe/food/drinks but it was a meeting so… Oh well!
  • Funny how you can be sure that the managers will reply if the CEO’s son (COO, haha) is in the email recipient list
  • LOL’d when I emailed the shipper saying that the goods were damaged and he replied saying, “OMG, how come?” Didn’t expect that
  • PH agent visit, TPE-ICN shpt, OCL’s 3rd shpt, annoying OP who for some reason originally wouldn’t give me the better rates, David and Henry

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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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