June 2015


June has come and gone. Seems just like yesterday that June started, and now we’re almost 2 weeks into July. Here are some of the things that happened last month.

Below are pictures of our dinner at this supposedly popular vegetarian restaurant. One random day on the way home from work, we passed by and T said that the branch near his office always has a long line (this one, too) and he asked if I wanted to try it. You basically put whatever you want to eat on the plate and you pay per gram or per a certain scale of measurement. Yummy!

I also bought some products in the past 2 weeks, as you will see in this picture below. I ran out of facial wash and sunscreen spray so I bought some. My face is still breaking out (since March!!!) and there’s not a day that I don’t have a pimple or acne on my face. Ugh, I really don’t know whyyy. I miss my clear skin.

I’ve been wanting to sign up for yoga classes for a long time now, so when an opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it. It’s extra expenses, I know, but I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I want to enjoy my hard-earned money, while of course still thinking about my future. Therefore, despite spending money on myself, on food, and on things, I make it a point to also save money for my future.

I had my first bikram yoga class last June 3, and then I signed up for a 1 year membership after. I’ve been going to the yoga center everyday (I can only attend 1 class a day and only at that specific branch) but that’s okay because other branches aren’t close to either home or work. I also wasn’t planning on attending more than one class a day anyway. So far, I’ve attended bikram yoga, ball yoga and Pilates posture class. I’m mostly leaning on bikram yoga and those classes are my top priority. There’s a Pilates mat work class but I haven’t tried it out yet. Ball yoga is also nice, but it’s too early and I feel like I won’t always be able to make it in time for class.

One Saturday afternoon, T and I decided to check out their company gym. They have a treadmill, a stationary bike, and other machines. They also have dumbbells but their lightest ones were still heavy for me cos I’m such a weak girl. They also have meeting rooms that you can use so when we went there, we put our things inside a meeting room and went to the gym area to jog (me)/run (him) on the treadmill. After that, we went to a shabu shabu place near my former university for dinner!

Movies we watched last month were Pitch Perfect 2, Captain America 2, and Maggie. There were probably others, but I didn’t write them down? I also wasn’t able to read any books last month because I’ve been feeling lazy. Work-wise, the first half of June was super busy. My inbox always had a looot of emails.

Had dinner with my friend Abby. We were supposed to eat at Ikea but then she said she has never tried Coco Curry Ichibanya (?) and there was one nearby so we ended up eating there. Spent the night just catching up with each other.

I find it shocking that there are some people who have been working for a number of years and yet still have no savings whatsoever. I’m not saying to put all of your earnings into a savings account or anything like that, but I feel that you should at least save a little bit of your money every month instead of spending ALL of your money because then you’d be living from paycheck to paycheck, right? I have this colleague who’s been working for around 4 years and she has no savings, except for this minimal insurance thing that I think her mom got her. Yikes.

One Saturday afternoon/evening, my cousins and I went to Shida to walk around and shop. We had dinner at Road Runner since we didn’t know where else to go and it was one of the restaurants we had always wanted to try. I’ll write a separate post about that.

#nofilter #nomakeup #selfie using my cousin’s iPhone 6

Another one of our dinner dates at a restaurant sort of near where we live. We also had McDo one time because I was craving for it.

Lunch with Jen because we found out our offices were close to each other. We met up halfway. We were supposed to eat at another restaurant but it was full so we ended up eating at a small stall whose specialty are lamb dishes.

Bought a mini-electric fan because sometimes it gets hot and suffocating (?) in the office, especially after hours when the air conditioning units and vents (?) are turned off.

Went to the airport to pick up our Poland agents. It was my first time doing airport pick-up and even though it’s boring and sort of a waste of time, at least I get to spend time outside the office, which is mostly a good thing, in my opinion.

Also had a dinner get-together with other Filipino scholars c/o Director Wei. After dinner, some of us went to R’s house for mojitos, jamon iberico (?), and brie cheese! Yummyyyy.

We also had a long weekend last month, and my boyfriend and I ended up going to Yilan. I’ll write a separate post on that.

Below are more food pictures from last month, because that’s one of the constants in my life. Hahaha.

I also got my Korean goodies from mom, finally!

We also had the company video shoot of which I was part of. I hope that turns out well (I hope I don’t look fat or ugly or what hahaha) since a LOT of people will be seeing it. EEEEEEP.


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