May 2015


Overall, May has been a pretty good month despite it also being such a busy month. I’ve kept to a workout routine (wherein I workout every other day for a minimum of 30 minutes), I’ve read a couple of books, I’ve had a couple of shipments, and I’ve had new food experiences.

It all started out last May 1 when for some reason, I suddenly felt like exercising. I didn’t workout AT ALL in April, fyi. This month, I’ve mostly followed Tone It Up and BeFit’s workout routines. There were some days where I also did Jillian Michaels workouts.

The rest of the month was spent basically working, sometimes eating out, and mostly staying home.


  • Ugh. Hate drafting emails that require thinking and spending time on
  • I have to figure out how to declare taxes and shiz cos it’s my first time -_- gaah but I’m lazyyyy
  • Dinner at Mint Pasta (our favorite Italian/pasta place)

  • Blueberry Danish bread and lemon green tea for breakfast

  • Why is it that my air shipments are offloaded? Ughh this is the second time!!! So unlucky
  • The other day, I was saddened by how sucky my math skills are -_- it’s been so long since I last encountered math
  • A teaching B an English sentence – “once it is arrived”. I wanted to butt in and say that’s wrong but knowing how defensive A can get when you try to correct her/try to tell her something contradicting what she knows, I didn’t feel like it was worth it.
  • Busy morning. Talked to Shenzhen re:Colombo agents, dealt with the Vancouver shipment, and had a meeting with Vietnam agents. #multicultural
  • Time difference is annoying
  • Really yummy crepe cake from my colleague

  • Bought this really oily spring onion pancake plus cheese because it’s been a stressful day and I wanna pig out xD also to support SMEs. Hahahaha

  • Fell asleep at 10pm last night (while reading a book) because I was so tired! :(
  • I’m not in the business of stealing other people’s possible shipments
  • Welcoming the weekend by having dinner at Coco Ichibanya

  • Rainy morning so I had to take the crowded bus to work. It was my first time to stand beside the driver and I felt that his dashboard is interesting (and complicated) that I took a picture

  • Just finished reading “And The Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini. Good read :)
  • Went to the Bethany flea market this morning to support my friend (Tiny Oven Taiwan). Bought banana bread and a dozen double chocolate chip cookies. Yuuum!! Also bought a dress, jogging pants for ze bf, and bowls (was only supposed to buy 1 so that I could drink soup during lunch at work, but ended up buying 4 because the seller wanted to get rid of them xD

  • Lunch yesterday after the flea market. Was supposed to go to another resto but it was full, so we decided to try this out. It was weird because it felt like the owner was complaining that we were there (cos he didn’t know where to place us 😑). Ambiance was nice though. We got to sit in these huge sofas with throw pillows. They also have a bunch of TV screens. The food was mediocre especially considering its price. Oh well, at least we were able to eat at a new restaurant (one that we’re most likely not going back to 🙈)

  • Went grocery shopping because we were in the area. Bought ziploc bags and lemons. I also saw this coconut water thing and wanted to try it out. Took a selfie when we got home just because for some reason, my hair was sort of wavy and I wanted to take a picture.

  • Currently in line to register/pay my taxes. Don’t need to pay anything this year tho cos my income was below the min.

  • Waited in line and finished reporting my taxes (with 60+ people in front of me) in only an hour.

  • Just finished reading John Grisham’s Theoore Boone: Kid Lawyer. It’s an easy read, but it felt lacking…
  • Attending a seminar on behalf of my manager. Zzz. Was supposed to start at 6:30pm but the speaker arrived at 7pm. Was supposed to end at 9pm but it ended at 10pm. Siiiigh. Left the office at 10:30pm because I still had to work on that translation shit for a trade line manager. Still have work tomorrow…

  • Doodled while waiting…

  • Will probably be sent (soon?) to accompany some colleagues to the Philippines to resolve some financial issues we have with our agents. Oooh. Funny how my mngr said that if I were really to go to the ph, I’d have to be accompanied by a guy so that it’d be safer. I said, no need!
  • Was told this afternoon that I’m gonna be in our company’s 35th anniversary video thingie. Noooooooo!!!
  • Someone came in for an interview for an opening in our department, and my manager was saying how handsome he is and how she couldn’t fish whether he has a girlfriend/is married lalala. We were all talking about him and laughing at our silliness. C (project manager), who was seated beside me, couldn’t contain his laughter and ended up laughing and joining in our conversation. XDDDD
  • Dinner at Jingmei night market

  • Stayed at home the entire weekend because it kept raining :( and here I was looking forward to going to the beach… Oh well! Spent the weekend blogging, catching up on blogs/vlogs, eating, reading Maria Ressa’s From Bin Laden to Facebook, and organizing my closet
  • Fell asleep at 9pm last night and couldn’t get up because I was so tired. Idk why. Productive morning – exercised, washed dishes, took a bath, and then went to work!
  • Turkish Cargo kept offloading my shipment. HUHUHU
  • Finished reading From Bin Laden to Facebook
  • Brunch at Daylight Cafe last Monday! Yogurt was sooo good!! Salmon and eggs were too salty for my liking.

  • Dinner

  • My table used to have a plastic cover but I felt like it’s already old and dirty so I took it off. It looks like I have a child’s table because of the cartoon characters (aside from the coffee beans, I have Angry Birds, Eeyore, and Olaf! Also a guy holding a chocolate bar xD)

  • Dinner at the relatives’ last night to celebrate Richelle’s birthday. Sooo much good food!!! Was super sleepy after. #foodcoma

  • Afternoon snack (sandwich, drink, cake) for the whole company to celebrate Q2 birthday celebrants thingie

  • Back at the nephrologist

  • Dinner with Roxane near my office. Originally, we were supposed to eat somewhere near where she’s currently working part time, but when I got to the MRT station (which was 1 station away from my office) near her office, she told me that she didn’t know any good restaurants there. We ended up going back to my area and having dinner at 11 Pasta (wanted to eat at French Cafe but they were closed)

  • Went to Carrefour last night to buy yogurt and noodles, among other stuff
  • Watched The Lazarus Effect this afternoon. Played basketball (more like ran around and threw some hoops?) with my cousins and bf at the park! Went home and ate ice cream
  • Tahong bought a beach tent (it’s not exactly a tent in the sense that it’s only covered in three sides and it’s open in the front). We were thinking of going to the beach this summer and he didn’t want to spend money to rent the tents there. Say for example in Baishawan (nearest beach from Taipei City, if I’m not mistaken), it costs 300NTD (that was 3 years ago) to rent a beach tent. Tahong bought this for a little over 700NTD maybe. He says if we go to the beach at least thrice, then we’d already be getting our money’s worth. Hahahahaha, okayyyy.


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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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