[Taiwan] Therese Eats: Agnes B. Le Pain Grille Cafe


Agnes B. Le Pain Grille Cafe is another place that my cousins and I have always wanted to try but was never able to. One night, after watching Furious 7 with Richelle, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. We were supposed to go to Shida night market after that because I wanted to buy some beauty products. However, since it was raining, we decided to stay inside the mall and have coffee/dessert instead. We ended up at Agnes B. L.P.G. Cafe because it was near the restaurant where we had dinner.

We were only supposed to get drinks, but they had a promo where if you ordered anything worth 200NTD or over, you’d get a slice of cake for free. We only had to add 40NTD and we’d get the cake. What the hey, right? I don’t really remember what we had because we were choosing between different drinks that I already forgot what we ended up ordering. It might have been the creme brulee latte and tiramisu latte, but I might be wrong. I also don’t know what the cakes are because there were no labels (or I wasn’t paying enough attention) so we just pointed at what looked yummy. As I’m currently browsing through their website, these could be the Tiramisu 提拉米蘇 and Danielle 奶油甜酒巧克力蛋糕.

For some reason, I always had this notion that their coffee and dessert were expensive, and that was one of the main reasons we always don’t end up going inside. I found out that day that I was wrong and that they were no different (in price) from Starbucks drinks, or other cafes around Taipei. I liked my drink, and we really enjoyed Danielle. We didn’t like the tiramisu as much. It was a really fun day bonding and chatting with my cousin.


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