[Taiwan] Therese Eats: Caffe Bene


Since Caffe Bene opened last year (?) in Taipei, I’ve wanted to try it out with my cousins. However, we always end up going to other places, or I was always unavailable whenever they’d go there (happened twice, maybe) so I was never able to go with them. When I went with T to Kaohsiung over the Tomb Sweeping Holiday, we decided to go because there was a branch near the public library where we were at the time.

Since we’d already eaten dinner at home, we decided to get dessert. Got the matcha latte 冰抹茶拿鐵 and the cinnamon caramel honey bread 焦糖肉桂吐司 (because they were out of the garlic and cheese one 香蒜起司). T got regular latte 冰拿鐵 and his brother got the chocolate chip latte 冰巧克力拿鐵.

According to their website, the honey toast alone contains 1022 calories!!! WHAAAT. Good thing we shared it among the three of us (although admittedly, I ate a lot more compared to the two of them HUHUHU). Everything was delicious though, so I regret nothing!


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