Labor Day Weekend 2015: Banqiao (Top Gun Bowling and Mega City)


Since we had a long weekend (Labor Day weekend), we were supposed to go outside the city. I wanted to go someplace we hadn’t been to before. However, since we were both busy and lazy to plan anything, we ended up just spending time around the city.

On Friday, we went to Banqiao early in the morning to play bowling with T’s friends. The bowling alley has an ongoing promo wherein games/rates are cheaper from midnight until around 8 in the morning, at around 15NTD for a game (10 frames). You can see from the picture below how rates are 50NTD from 8am until 1PM, and increases to 60 and 70NTD as the day passes. They opted for the cheapest ones so we were there before 8am. Zzzzz. It’s been super long since I last played bowling, so I officially suck.

After bowling, T’s friends had to go somewhere else, which I found weird because I thought we’d be spending the day with them, or at the very least that we would all have lunch together. T and I went to Mega City Banqiao mainly to watch Avengers 2. Since the movie wasn’t for a couple of hours (phrase check?), we had lunch at the food court (Food Republic). We bought Indian food from Indian Fans, and I also bought milk tea from Toast Box. I wanted to order the Kaya Toast Set but I was already full by then, so I decided against it. While waiting for the movie, we walked around the mall and hung out at Kingstone (bookstore). After some time, we went to the cinemas and then watched Avengers 2. Pretty good, overall. I wasn’t planning on watching Avengers 2 since I hadn’t watched Avengers 1 (it doesn’t make a difference, I think), and because I wasn’t a big fan but T wanted to watch it so…

We were thinking of either going home for dinner or just eating out when T asked me if I’d eaten at 博多拉麵. He had previously eaten there with his colleagues and he felt that the food was good so he wanted to take me there. I went for the milk/cream (?) soup base because it’s the restaurant’s specialty. The ramen was reallyyy good, and I really liked it! We also ordered some side dishes to go along with the ramen because I wanted to eat more meaaaat.

All in all a good day!


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