[Taiwan] Therese Eats: 丹丹漢堡


If McDonald’s is the most famous (correct me if I’m wrong) American fast food chain, then it’s 丹丹漢堡 for the south of Taiwan. I hadn’t heard of this place until my boyfriend pointed it out to me on one of my Kaohsiung trips. According to him, the owners of this chain have (so far) no intentions of opening branches in the north of Taiwan. They prefer to keep it to the south, maybe so that people would see it as one reason to visit the south.

The set meal combinations are a bit weird, but they’re all really good. We had the fried chicken, chicken burger, sweet potato fries, misua noodles, Hong Kong-style congee, iced tea, and milk tea. I found this menu online but I’m not sure if the prices are still the same.



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