April 30, 2015


April 26

T and I wanted to eat out and we didn’t know where to go so we ended up going to our favorite burger place – Juicy Bun Burger. It’s near NCCU, where I took my master’s degree, so we walked around the track oval/campus after eating.

This is most probably inspired by the Dove campaign. I chose awesome, of course! Hahahaha.

Since T wanted to look at some appliances, we decided to go to Carrefour. We also went to Hola, which is this furniture and lifestyle (?) store. I was able to take pictures of these cute things from a brand called Umbra. I’d love to own some paintings in the future to hang up on the walls. They don’t need to expensive.

I also wanted to take pictures of their living room set-ups but I wasn’t able to, so maybe next time. There was one layout that had a really comfy rug in front of the sofa, and throw pillows on top of the rug. I want something like that, plus a beanbag! If only it wasn’t more of a hassle to maintain.

April 28

Tried out one of Starbucks’ new drinks yesterday – Summer Berry Panna Cotta. It’s all right, but the more you drink it, the more it tastes like one of those cough syrups we were instructed by our parents to take/drink when we were kids.

Got a bit annoyed with my colleague because she’s so bossy and she acts as if she knows everything. Well, I’m sorry that I don’t know as much as you do because number 1, I didn’t graduate with a degree in this field, and number 2, I’ve just started working here and you’ve already had x years of experience.

April 29

Had dinner and drinks last night at Huashan with N. It was my first time to actually walk around and eat/drink there and apparently, it’s a really cool place. There’s a lot of cute little restaurants/bars. We ended up having pasta at Al Cicchetto, which has this white screen projecting black/silent movies. They also serve drinks but N said drinks at Trio were better. After dinner, we went to Trio to continue talking and I ordered the sangria. I’m always gonna love that drink because it reminds me of Spain, and you know how I love/am drawn towards anything/everything Spain, right?

Heard from N that K might be moving to the 4th floor soon. Yeeesss! That means I won’t be seeing him anymore. Can that day come sooner? Ughhh, colleague keeps showing off/trying to make me feel bad. Well, sorry I didn’t think of that. Don’t rub it in. I dislike people who bring down other people in order to make themselves feel better. Whateverrrr, gotta shake it off and learn not to get affected by what happens at work because at the end of the way, it’s just work and life goes on.

April 30


  • Well that’s surprising. What do you want??
  • You know how you ask someone a question because you really don’t know the answer, and then that person answers you with a tone of superiority and with such a smug face? I’d love to slap that face. Ugh, I should really learn not to let office shit and people affect me. This is probably why I’ve been having breakouts.
  • Woohoo cheers to the long weekend!
  • RO came over to give me food and J goes, “she’s having dinner with her boyfriend so give it to me instead”. Later on, RO comes and gives me candy. J kept asking him why she didn’t have one. Hahahahaha I just found it funny.
  • MSQ shipment and annoying colleagues
  • CA shipment, that crazy PH agent, and CH agent’s case with the accounting department

Went to Shida with T to exchange the dry shampoo that exploded (again!!!) and had dinner at Arnor Piatto. There was even someone DJ-ing… it was so cool! Loved the beats/music!


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