April 17, 2015


The dry shampoo I recently bought suddenly exploded (or something to that extent), and then all of its contents were gone so I went back to the store yesterday to return/exchange it. I was deciding between getting the same product or buying a more expensive one (Batiste) but I ended up choosing the same product because I liked how it smelled and it was cheaper. Also, I figured I couldn’t be THAT unlucky as to have it happen again.
Met up with B because he had jogged with his brother to Gongguan and then to Shida so we were around the same area. We went to 7-11 to buy matcha ice cream and then walked to Gongguan to ride the bike home. It’s been a while since I last rode a bike, and I must say I miss the feeling. I still get nervous especially because I’m not good at biking, but I’m really grateful that B taught me how to ride a bike!
In other news, there were a lot of opportunities yesterday when we could have talked, and normally I wouldn’t really mind being the one to initiate conversation because after all, we’re friends. It shouldn’t really matter who took the effort right? However, I’m getting really tired of having to be the one to make the first move. If we’re really friends, why am I the only one making the effort to maintain or to build the friendship? Therefore, I’ve decided to just let it go.
I know a lot of people want to have meaningful and fulfilling jobs, but what does such a job look or feel like anyway? I haven’t been in the labor force long enough or haven’t met enough working people to know how it is. I know that it has to do with finding your passion and doing things that inspire you or that keep you motivated and all that, but… Gaah I don’t know. Lately I’ve been asking myself questions like what’s my worth? Am I doing something meaningful? Am I where I’m supposed to be? Am I in the right field/company/place? Sigh.

Annoyed at how colleague kept saying my world is too small&I should make more friends.As it if were easy&as if that’s gonna make me happier

Don’t think too highly of yourselves. If you’re the type of people I can be friends with, then I’d rather have no friends. Because you know, friendships aren’t forced.

For some reason, Y suddenly chatted with me.. she must have been bored.

Amazed at how I’m such a multitasker. Working on one thing and getting interrupted to work on something else, and going back, and on and on. Part of our team’s job description is to master the art of multitasking and to remember all that we were doing/still have to do. 😂

Coincidentally, I saw this on my feed from this page I’m following:

“I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. If we don’t vibrate on the same frequency there’s just no reason for us to waste our time. I’d rather have no one and wait for substance than to not feel someone and fake the funk.” – Joquesse Eugenia

And while I do feel like forced interactions and unnecessary conversations will always be part of work / the professional field, at the very least I don’t want it anymore in my personal life / friendships.

Maybe I’m just going through a phase. Maybe I’m the problem, like maybe I’m not trying enough or I have a whole different set of standards? Ugh, whatever. This is such a messy blog post.


About Therese

28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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  1. B is tahong? Aww baby sister </3 Quarter-life crisis? Don't worry, even if you don't figure it out, the feeling will pass hopefully.


    • Yes, B is Tahong! Huhuhu yeah I know it’s just a phase… Just sucks that I’m having a hard time making real friends and not just colleagues/connections. And that I feel like I’m not making full use of my capabilities? IDK.


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