April 7, 2015


It’s been a while since I last wrote something here, mainly because I’ve been busy with work (both in preparation for my trip to Japan and after I came back to Taiwan).

I had to finish and submit a lot of reports and deliverables before I left. It’s all worth it though, because I was then able to go to Japan for a little over a week. Woohoo! I will write about that soon!

A day before I came back, one of my colleagues “warned” me to prepare myself because our team would be very busy this year. The major reason is that our company is celebrating its 35th anniversary and our team is in charge of organizing and executing the main event as well as the side events. There are other reasons, which I’ll probably write about in the future, once things are finalized.

Those being said, I still want to continue blogging to remind myself of the things that have happened in my life. Since I’m too lazy to open my laptop when I get home (mostly because I get home so late) and so I will just do this using the WP app in my phone.

We had a long weekend because of the Tomb Sweeping Festival, which I spent in Kaohsiung with my boyfriend. On Friday, we went to visit his grandmother and we stayed at their place for a couple of house. We watched TV, chatted, played mahjong, and had dinner there. On our first day in Kaohsiung, we went to the (newly-constructed/renovated) library that has become a new scenic spot. We also had dessert at Caffe Bene. Was finally able to try it! The next day, we went to Pingtung (Ligang) for the tomb sweeping, had lunch at a famous pork knuckles and noodle restaurant, had dessert at a nearby stall, went to Fo Guang Shan, and went to Da Shu’s Old Steel Bridge. We were such tourists that day!

Today, our team went all the way to Neihu for lunch. C recommended this Japanese restaurant (金泰日本料理) there that’s apparently known for its “special sashimi rice bowl”. It was expensive and at first, I didn’t want to order it, but then they told me that we had already made the trip all the way there so we should try out their bestseller. It was good, I must say, and the serving was big. It also had the largest oyster that I’ve ever eaten in my life.

At night, I accompanied J to buy dinner. We passed by this food truck selling cakes and J bought a roll. She gave me a slice of chocolate cake, which was really rich and creamy. Went home and played Wii with my boyfriend. He brought it back to Taipei from Kaohsiung since no one was using it there anymore. Hahaha!

That’s it!


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