Five Things (March 16-22)


1 – My manager sent me to attend this seminar on logistics and business opportunities in the port of Lazaro Cardenas on behalf of our team. It’s my first out of the office “work” assignment that also resulted in them printing out business cards for me. I know I still have a lot to learn especially when it comes to this field and to our company, and I also still have to build my confidence in order to “network” and promote/talk about our company and our services effectively, but I know I’ll get there. One day.

The manager of the South America trade line also went there and we went back to the office together. There was a bit of awkward small talk/conversation when we were in the car because I’ve never spoken to him before, and especially not outside the office. We mostly talked about stuff such as his wife, his kid, my life in Taiwan, etc. The most awkward topic though, was when he brought up the company year-end party that allowed him to segue into asking me about K (since that’s the only one he saw). That’s when I told him about B and that that night was just a lot of people getting tipsy/drunk and doing things they knew they could get away doing. Lalalala.

2 – One of our Egyptian agents came to Taiwan and paid our office a visit. I was tasked to pick them up from their hotel and bring them to the company. Good thing their English (accent) is understandable and so we didn’t have any trouble (with small talk yet again). After their meeting in the office, we had lunch at this Islamic/Halal-certified restaurant near the office, which they were really grateful for because we took their religion/eating habits into consideration, and because they said the food reminded them of home.

3 – I have no picture of this but I had oatmeal and Ovaltine for breakfast. It’s so convenient and easy to make, and it reminds me of the ones my mom used to make for me when I was younger. It’s also something different from my usual milk + cereals in the morning.

4 – It’s been a busy work week and on Friday, I had to work until past 10PM finalizing some deliverables, but my manager treated us to an afternoon snack of waffles and latte (I ordered vanilla latte), so all’s good. Submitting my deliverables and working overtime are also all for my Japan trip, so no complaints here.



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