Five Things (February 23-March 1)


1 – It all started with my colleague mentioning Starbucks having just released a new drink, Honey Vanilla Macchiato, and saying how it was good. Then, she let me have a sip and I agreed that it was good. After that, our manager said something along the lines of, okay fine let’s have that this afternoon. My treat! Woo!

In the afternoon, I secured a new shipment from Taichung-Rotterdam. It was an email that my manager forwarded to me a couple of weeks ago, and I was the one who provided the quotation. Suddenly, out of nowhere (because a couple of weeks have already passed), the agent replies and says they accept our quotation and to assist in moving the cargo. Since my manager was in the email loop, she saw it and praised me saying she didn’t think anything of this rate request and yet I was still able to close the deal. She praised me for being good (and lucky) and said that they really did a right thing hiring me and that they really shouldn’t let go of me in the future. Hahaha I was very flattered, of course.

Lastly, we received an email from the Mexican Trade Services about a seminar on the logistics and business opportunities of the Lázaro Cárdenas port. I actually recently saw a related news article talking about this. Because of the US West Coast port congestion, the Mexican port authorities (?) are taking this opportunity to show how convenient/efficient/advantageous it would be to use the Lázaro Cárdenas port instead. They were discussing who to send as a representative from our department, when my manager saw that the seminar was going to be held in Spanish/Chinese and decided to send me instead of my other colleague. I got excited because it was my first out-of-the-office event and because she thought of sending me. When I found out that there was going to be a networking event though, I got really nervous because I still didn’t know much about the whole process/Latin America trade line/company shiz and whatnots. I’m attending the seminar together with the manager of the Latin America trade line, which is good on one hand, because then he understands it better but on the other hand, it’s going to be sorta awkward because we don’t really know each other so I wouldn’t know what to talk to him about. Anywayyy, I just hope to learn from the seminar and to hopefully meet some people.

2 – On the same day (in the evening), I met up with one of my good friends from UP. Since he hadn’t been to other night markets here in Taiwan (aside from Shilin night market), I decided to take him to Jingmei night market. I know that it’s small and there isn’t really a lot of food there compared to Shilin, and my favorite one is still Shida, but this was the one closest to my house so we went there. Hehe. We bought some grilled food and milk teas, and then went to the park to eat, drink, and talk. It was a fun and chill night.

The next day, I “forced” my boyfriend to watch That Thing Called Tadhana (Filipino movie) with me. A lot of people have been saying how it’s good and how there’s a lot of lines that they/we can all relate to. Unfortunately, maybe because I haven’t really had a major heartbreak (knock on wood), or maybe because I’m not in that phase of my life right now, so I wasn’t really able to relate as much to the movie, or I didn’t find it as good as other people have claimed it to be.

3 – Since we had a long weekend, we decided to spend Friday out and about the city. We started by having lunch at our favorite pasta place, Mint Pasta. After that, we rode the motorcycle going from Jingmei to Beitou. It was a looong ride, lemme tell you. If you look at the MRT map of Taipei, you’d know how far those two stations are from each other. It felt like I had traversed the entire city that day.

When we got to Beitou, we looked for the Cherry Blossoms Tunnel (which was our main purpose), but it turned out to be pretty disappointing because there weren’t a lot of blooms. The lights were also broken so the nighttime viewing event was canceled.

After that, we went back to the Beitou Hot Springs Museum/park but the museum was closed and we didn’t want to bathe in the hot springs so we decided to walk around the park and eventually go to Shilin night market for dinner.

On the way to Beitou, we passed by Yuanshan and I saw that apparently, they were having the 2015 Taipei Lantern Festival there. After having dinner at the night market, we decided to go to Yuanshan to look around.

There was a lights and sounds show around this particular installation below. I wasn’t able to take note of the title or the creator though. I remember it having the words youth and dreams though. I then linked it to something Walt Disney once said, “all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” I really liked this one and I’m glad we were able to catch the show when we got there.

4 – I remember my cousin going to this puzzle cafe called Galette before and since we didn’t have any concrete plans on this day, I suggested we try it out. My boyfriend and I spent the entire afternoon and early evening piecing together Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. It was purely out of coincidence that we chose this one because it was one of the last (good) ones left on the shelf when we were seated. It’s 300-pieces and we found out later on that if you finish a 300-pc puzzle, take a picture with it, and upload it to your Facebook page, you get free cookies. That was our main motivation for finishing the puzzle, and spending around 5-6 hours there!

What I like about this cafe is they have a nice ambiance, free WiFi, no time limit, lots of puzzles to choose from (better to get there early so that there would be less people and more choices), and they play good music (blasts from the past!). The food’s not bad either, and since they didn’t have a time limit, you could just order a food or a drink and stay there for the rest of the day (if you don’t have anything better to do).

5 – It was my first time to go to a KTV late at night with friends. I’m not a big fan of KTVs because I don’t like to hear my voice on the mic, and I’m really self-conscious when it comes to singing using a mic. I also feel like they’re expensive and especially here in Taipei, I feel like they don’t have a good selection of English songs so I would just be wasting my money by going. However, my friend really wanted to go out that night and drink, so when my other friend invited me out for KTV and drinks with his friends, I told my friend if he wanted to go to a KTV instead. He was really up for it since he likes to sing, and because there would be drinks there as well. Overall, it was a fun night of firsts. As I said, it was my first time going to a KTV late at night, first time singing my heart out to old English songs (such as Uptown Girl, I’m a Barbie Girl, As Long As You Love Me, etc etc) in front of friends, first time getting that dizzy from drinking (I stopped as soon as I started feeling dizzy and started drinking tea instead, just so I wouldn’t get drunk), and first time getting home at around 6 in the morning!

Okay, too much use of the word friend in the above paragraph. Hahaha! Here’s to enjoying (having good fun) what’s left of my youth and cherishing those carefree nights that made us feel alive! #cheesy


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