Five Things (February 16-22) : CNY Holiday 2015


1 – As with last year, we spent Chinese New Year’s Eve with Uncle Johnson’s family, eating at a restaurant in Longtan. Yummy food! There was a raffle and we even scratched lottery cards. I won 1, 000 from the raffle and won 200 from the lottery card. Woohoo! After dinner, we went to another of their friend’s houses and stayed there for a while. Then, we went to Uncle Johnson’s house to watch TV and to continue scratching cards. I didn’t win anything anymore though.

2 – On Chinese New Year’s day, we went to 7ku’s house in Linkou supposedly only for lunch, but we ended up staying there until way past dinner. We had steak, shrimp, salad, and fried spring rolls for lunch. After that, some of us watched TV while the others played mahjong. Then, we switched players and I got to play too. For dinner, we had the leftovers along with vegetables, chicken fingers, and pork with tofu.

3 – Met up with a new friend for dinner and then we watched Kingsman: The Secret Service after. Pretty good movie, but there were some parts I found to be out of place/weird. XDDD

4 – We went out again with 7ku’s family and we went to this seafood restaurant near Shimen Reservoir that we also went to last year because it’s Goku’s tradition to go to this restaurant once every CNY holiday. After lunch, we went to Cihu Memorial Statue Park, where you can see a lot of Chiang-Kai Shek’s statues around. You can also see pictures of the Chiang family as well as some memorabilia. It started to rain so we headed back to 7ku’s house and some played mahjong again while the rest of us watched TV. We had Napoli pizza for dinner and Magnolia ice cream for dessert!

5 – Since we didn’t have anything planned today (with Goku and Gokim), the three of us (Richelle, Roxane, and I) decided to go out for afternoon tea. One of our favorite matcha cafes had new stuff on their menu so we wanted to try them out. Eventually, two of their friends decided to join us as well. I didn’t have any friend that I could bring (HUHUHU) so there were just five of us. We had to wait for more than an hour to be seated because there were a lot of people (we were 18th in line when we got there -_-), and one of our orders also took more than an hour to be served (which the waiter also attributed to the amount of people) so we stayed there for quite a while. There was supposed to be a limit of 90 minutes but thankfully, they didn’t ask us to leave even when we reached the time limit most probably because of the delayed order. After our afternoon tea that turned into dinner, we walked to Xinyi District and looked around H&M and GU. I didn’t buy anything though, mainly because I’m on a self-imposed shopping ban until I clean out/organize my closet.


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