Five Things (February 2-8)


1 – I had been craving for sushi for quite some time now, so when my manager told me that we would be eating out at a Japanese restaurant, I got really excited. Plus, it’s free food! Because our 3-woman team/department is directly under the president, I get to enjoy stuff like these – occasional free lunches and insider information. I get to be privy to information such as future plans and projects. I’m not going to be sharing them here of course.

Sooo happy for this lunch because I’d been craving for sashimi/sushi for some time now. Yuuum! It was my first time eating fried shrimp head and fish head cartilage (??)! We also had Botan prawn (牡丹蝦), roasted conger eel (穴子), grilled salmon head (鹽烤鮭魚頭), and fried platter, among others. :D #lunchout #workperks #freefood #happythea #latepost

First time drinking sake. Boss asks, “It’s sweet, isn’t it?” I say yes. Boss then goes, “And that’s how you get drunk…” referring to people who rapidly drink sweet(er) alcohol because the alcohol aftertaste isn’t as strong. XDD #adenfilter #latepost #workperks #experiences

2 – My manager told me that I might be attending an international conference toward the latter part of the year, either in Hong Kong or Guangzhou. Hopefully it’s HK, because to be honest, I’m not too keen on going to mainland China. But anywhere is good. Her plan is to send me together with my other colleague so that she can act as my guide and I can observe what happens/what we do when we attend such conferences. If she can’t afford to have us both out of the office at that time, then she’ll assign someone else (maybe from our other branch offices) to go with me. Let’s see! I hope I really get the opportunity to travel abroad and go on business trips. I know it’s going to be stressful and hectic, but it will also be a chance for me to learn new things, to grow, and to challenge myself. She also told me again how she plans on letting me take charge of the US/Canada trade line and eventually the South America trade line as well. There might also be classes regarding these trade lines in the future that I would have to attend. I’m all for it! Woohoo.

3 – I don’t know when or how it started, but sometimes, my hair becomes wavy. Decided to take a picture along with an #ootd because I felt like it was cute. I don’t think the pictures reflect that though. Hahaha oh well, what’s important is that I felt happy that day.

4 – The import department threw a mini-celebration for my first real friend in the company. Since I’m not in the department anymore, I didn’t know about it. However, I didn’t bring lunch that day and so I ordered lunch together with them, and I also asked her if I could eat with them. She then told me about the mini-celebration and invited me to go into the room with her. I’m really thankful that I was assigned to the import department for my first rotation/internship experience because despite the stress and the heavy workload, I got to know nice and fun people. There are a lot of of days when I miss them and I want to go back, but thing is and especially at this point in my life, I feel like growth and opportunities are greater than the people/friendship. I might regret this someday, but that’s how I currently feel. It gets lonely but, c’est la vie.

5 – The last haircut I had was around 9 months ago, so it was high time I had another one! My hair had a lot of split ends and it was getting flat and lifeless so I went to the salon for a hair treatment and a haircut. Hello to livelier hair (for the meantime, at least). I wanted to dye my hair again but I’ve put myself on an “unnecessary spending ban” because I need to save for my upcoming Japan trip and because I have to give out Lunar New Year red envelopes, and so maybe I can go back after a couple of months and have another haircut along with dyeing my hair reddish purple.


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