Five Things (January 26-February 1)


1 – Since I work overtime everyday, and I get home pretty late, my boyfriend decided that he would make me packed dinners so that I won’t have to eat so late. I can eat at an earlier time and wouldn’t have to spend extra money buying food from outside. So for the past week, I’ve been eating sandwiches at night. Below is a picture of one of those nights – BLT sandwich but made with ham instead, and with cheese! Doesn’t it look really good and mouth-watering? A variation is egg instead of cheese, or both egg and cheese. Hahaha!

My manager and colleague even jokingly asked if I could also ask my boyfriend to make one for them because they said it looked really good, so he also made one for them last Friday.

2 – My colleague naked brownies again and gave us some. They’re so good! They’re chewy and chocolatey, and they have walnuts! Yuuuum.

3 – This third one is actually a compilation of work-related stuff that have made me happy/smile this week. Our team had lunch outside the office and we talked about a lot of work stuff (I mainly just listened). First is talks of eventually sending me to Latin America to visit/look for agents and to attend conferences, second is that it’s our 35th year anniversary this October and our team will be in charge of organizing ALL the events (main and side) related to our celebration. According to them, we’re going to be crazy busy in the months leading up to, and on our anniversary month. Ooh pretty exciting!

4 – I just felt happy with my outfits.

5 – I was finally able to eat at KGB! It’s this burger place located in Shida and every time my friends and I would decide to eat there before, there would always be a long line and we’d end up choosing another restaurant. This time however, we were able to get seats (probably also because there were just 2 of us). I ordered the Feta, Tzatziki, and Avocado beef burger with a side of Apple and Walnut salad. It’s different from all the other burgers I’ve tried before, and it’s pretty good, but I felt that there wasn’t enough avocado slices.


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  1. I like your outfits too! Oh man! I think the grey jacket looks better than the orange one that I have :( Oh well. Winter will be over soon anyway.

    I’m so excited for you guys to be here so you can cook for me!


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