Five Things (January 19-25)


1 – Dinner with some of my grad school/Taiwanese friends finally pushed through. It’s been so long since we’ve been talking about meeting up again (the last time we met up was last September) but everyone’s been busy with our own things and so we never had the chance to meet up again. This time, we met up on a Monday at this vegetarian restaurant near Shixin University. The food was good and it was really filling. We just spent the night talking about what’s been happening in our lives the past few months, and also about other people. Timothy ended up paying for dinner (I dunno why) but he insisted that it was his treat, so yay!

Trying out a new place with old friends :)

Had vegetarian food and non alcoholic beverages (from Belgium and Germany) last night :) pretty good. :)

FINALLY found the time to meet up. Such a grainy picture xD

2 – We were looking for a new restaurant to try and B discovered this Groupon deal for this one and so we ended up going there. It’s a Korean BBQ/hotpot restaurant that serves different kinds of meat, clams, shrimp, and other hotpot ingredients. They also have unlimited drinks and ice cream. We ate a looot.

Korean BBQ restaurant. All you can eat meat, clam, and shrimp (among other things). Yizz, another food post.

3 – I almost always walk outside the office after having lunch because I don’t want to just sit around after eating. After around 10-20 minutes of walking around, I would return to the office and take a nap. Hihi. I discovered this park on one of my noon walks and since the sun was out that day, which made the park look more inviting, I decided to take a picture.

Life’s not always a walk in the park but we just gotta roll with the punches and go with the flow.

4 – We celebrated Gokim’s birthday (as well as mine) at this Hunan cuisine restaurant that we’ve all never been to before. Since Gokim paid for our Christmas dinner last month, and they weren’t here for my birthday, it was now my turn to treat them. Personally, I liked the food. There were a lot of food choices although prices are a bit on the expensive side (in my opinion). Service was good and overall, it was a good experience!

Here comes the food post! Left to right, top to bottom – sauteed pork and sliced dried tofu (香干豬肉絲), steak cube and rice cake with pine nuts (松子年糕牛肉), Jumbo shrimp stick (棒棒蝦), Mao’s braised pork (毛家紅燒肉), Dong-An chicken (東安仔雞), sauteed cabbage Hunan style (湘西高麗菜), and black sesame milk with tapioca (黑芝麻椰汁西米露)

Waiting to get seated

Complete picture from Richelle :) Happy birthday Gokim! Too bad the pic’s blurry.

5 – For some reason, Richelle wanted to go for a jog and she asked me if I wanted to accompany her. Since I’ve also been eating a lot lately, I figured I needed to move and work up a sweat. I’ve been hormonal the past week too, because of my period and because I’m sick. Sooo, endorphins! We each had our own music players and earphones and we jogged/brisk walked at our own paces. Richelle used the Nike Running app, and I was also supposed to use that but it wanted me to login and it had a lot of steps and whatnots so I ended up just downloading something with less frills. According to that app, I jogged/brisk walked a total of 4.21 kilometers. I’m suuuper tired and my legs are aching. I’m sure they’re going to be sore tomorrow, yikes! It takes 1.32 kilometers from the park where we jogged/brisk walked to where I live so today’s exercise is a total of 5.53 kilometers. WOOHOO, it feels nice.


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