[Taiwan] Therese Eats: Cafe Lugo


I first found out about this restaurant from a friend’s Facebook post, and saw it again when I was with my friend waiting to be seated in Ding Tai Fung. Since I developed this liking for trying out cafes/restaurants around Taipei, I told my boyfriend that we should try this place out. As you can see from the picture (Christmas tree), this was taken last month. I’m not sure if the tree is still there now, but I’ve seen some places that still have their trees/Christmas decorations up.

They have a straightforward menu; they only serve coffee and waffles. Waffles come in two types – salty and sweet. We decided to go for one of each, and to also order one drink each.

I love the interiors and the vibes of the cafe, and I feel like it’s a good hang-out place, especially also because it’s located at the basement level of Taipei 101 mall.

I had the Vanilla Latte and he had the plain Latte, and we shared the Tuna Waffle and the Honey Waffle between us.

Vanilla Latte and Latte


Tuna Waffle


Honey Waffle


I wasn’t really satisfied because I feel like the waffles and especially the coffee were overpriced. They also weren’t anything special; they were ordinary and they didn’t wow me. We spent 500NTD for our orders, if I remember correctly. Oh well, at least I’m now able to cross that off my list of places to try.


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