Five Things (January 5-11)


1. First day back to work after our long weekend, and my manager decided to treat us out to lunch. We went to this brewery + Thai restaurant near our office, but since I was still under medication for my kidney shiz, I couldn’t/wasn’t allowed to drink. I really loved the appetizer and the pork chops, but I found their servings to be small, especially considering the price. I’d consider going back there in the future if only to try their craft beer/drinks.

2. New pillow!!! ‘Nuff said.

3. Third time eating at this cozy little cafe/restaurant near my office, and this time I went there with my cousins. I really like their food because it’s reasonably priced considering its location, and it’s really good too.

4. Had dinner with 2 of my Fil-Chi friends, wherein we went to this steak place somewhere around Jingmei. We enjoyed the food because it was cheap and the steak was pretty good. I also really enjoyed the pumpkin soup and the ice cream as well. They also gave us a free small bowl of risotto. Yum! After dinner, we went to the nearby Jingmei night market and met up with 4 other people. Walked around a bit and ended up finally eating Chinese Omelet from this stall that my boyfriend and I usually pass by and which I’ve always wanted to try. Fun night!

5. Finally watched Big Hero 6, and I must say that Baymax is suuuuper cute!!! The movie is really good and I love the theme song because it was sung by one of my favorite bands, Fall Out Boy.


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