Five Things (December 8-14)


1 – Eating at The Top with my cousins who visited from the Philippines. Admittedly, I don’t know a lot of restaurants around Taipei because I don’t eat out a lot, so when my cousin invited me to join them, I immediately agreed. This is a Bali-inspired restaurant (or so the Internet says) way up on top of Mt. Yangming (hence the name) that has a view of Taipei City. It was soo pretty! Too bad it was raining that day. 2 – Roses and my “humble”/mini Christmas corner 3 – Getting 100TWD from our exchange gift because that’s what I was “lucky” enough to draw. I had to down 2 shots of beer in order to get the money / Him waiting for me after the party because he knew we would be drinking some alcohol. Hihihi 4 – B+T pushpins on a corkboard! 5 – Movie and dinner date with my cousin. We watched the 1st part of the 3rd installment of the Hunger Games.


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