Kaohsiung for the weekend


I don’t know if I’ve said it here before but my boyfriend is from Kaohsiung. He is based in Taipei for work though. There was a time last year (I think?) when he was back in Kaohsiung for an 8-month business trip and since I was still a grad student back then, I had more free days. I visited him lots of times and we went to a lot of touristy places around the city.

The past weekend, we went back to Kaohsiung to attend his friend’s wedding. After work last Friday, we rushed to the bus station to buy bus tickets. There weren’t seats anymore so we were left with the 8:30pm time slot. The trip takes 5 hours so we got there past 1am. Zzz.

On Saturday, we got up around lunch time because we were tired and sleepy from the trip. After eating lunch with his family, his sister asked if we wanted to play mahjong. We ended up playing for a couple of hours (as these things really takes time) and I was the ultimate loser. Huuu. In the late afternoon, we went to Pier 2 to look around. As I’ve said earlier, I’ve been to Kaohsiung lots of times before but it was my first time to go to Pier 2, which is this area known for its art installations. I took some pictures of the ones that caught my attention more, but my top 3 would have to be – 1) the engraved trace of Wind, 2) Home, and 3) Passion.

The engraved trace of Wind 風刻痕 by 甘丹 (Tan Kan)

Home (心靈織屋) by 王文志 (Wen-Chih Wang)

Passion = Attitude x Love

We left past 5 and went to this place the locals call “Great Outdoors” (大自然), which is a bit high up the mountain, to supposedly catch the sunset but it took us quite some time to get there and so the sun was already gone by the time we reached the place. Oh well, we can always go back there next time. After that we went back down the mountain by the beach front and then we decided to climb up to the British Consular Office. When we got there, B was surprised to see that they were already collecting an entrance fee and that there were a lot of Mainland Chinese tourists, but he felt like it wasn’t worth it so we didn’t go inside anymore. We went back down the flight of stairs and left.

On the way home, we passed by this supposedly famous chain of local fast food restaurants in the south of Taiwan called 丹丹漢堡 and since we were already there, he decided to let me try their food and so we had dinner there. When we got back home, B’s sister and dad wanted us to play mahjong again and we played until maybe around midnight or a little over midnight. I lost again. Tsk.

On Sunday, we attended the wedding/reception of one of B’s good friends. It was a bit awkward because I haven’t seen those friends of his and vice-versa so they were really happy to finally meet me. We also talked about meeting up again next time in order to get to know each other more.

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  1. Phone camera? Awww you so cute!

    Anyway, just realized that you could’ve saved me a lot of effort commenting on your blog posts before now mo lang ginawa?! Sobrang hassle before at least now I’m perma-logged in :/


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