[Philippines] Therese Eats: Wildflour Bakery and Cafe


I ended up trying out Wildflour too, because it was the restaurant my other friends suggested when we were planning on where to eat.

Complimentary bread and butter. I’m still not a fan of hard bread.

Croque Madame – Brioche, Ham, Gruyere, Fried Egg | PhP 420

I didn’t think I’d be full from eating this because it doesn’t look big, but I was reallyyy full after. It has brioche, ham, gruyere, and fried egg. It’s pricey though.

These are my friends Bianca, Pao, and Rhea. Bianca and I were good friends back when we were in grade school, and Pao, Rhea, and I were good friends in first year high school. I’ve always kept in touch with Pao and Rhea and over the years, we would always meet up whenever I was in the Philippines, or even back when we were undergrads. I’ve somehow lost in touch with Bianca though, but for some reason (and I’m glad that she did), she asked if she could join our dinner meet up that night, and the 4 of us just caught up with what’s been going on in each others’ lives. The 3 of them belong to the same circle of friends that was formed back when we were in 3rd year high school.


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