November 12-15


Snippets from my cellphone (which I now realize looks like it was written by a kid because of the simplicity of the sentences and the vocabulary):

November 12

Today was pretty annoying because of some very rude people. I really don’t understand the need to be rude when the other person didn’t even do anything bad/mean to you in the first place. Anyway. For lunch I had broccoli, cucumber, and bacon slices. In the afternoon, we had free coffee. It was the first time that we left the office on time and we went to the hotpot restaurant for dinner. I ate a lot of meat and veggies, and I think our manager spent more than 7k for our dinner. Wow. After dinner, we were trying to look for a place to drink coffee or hang out but we couldn’t find a suitable place so we ended up just going back to the office. Some of the other people went to a convenience store and bought chips and beer. We stayed in the meeting room and drank and ate and basically talked about company stuff. Logged out at 11 and took a cab home.

November 13

I had already given most of my documents to E and so I didn’t have a lot of things to do. R started to teach me/started to talk about INCOTERMS and she also gave me a chart to study. For lunch I had pasta cooked by my aunt and in the afternoon we had George Peck coffee. I ordered hot caramel latte. It was good. I stayed in the office until 8 p.m.

I felt a little guilty because I wanted me to help I translate but then other people told her to do it herself since she was more familiar with the case and the jargon so then I didn’t really help her much except for adding a new customer into the system.

Recently, I bought a pair of high-heeled (for me they are) boots and I wore them to the office today. It was a bad decision on my part because it was raining that day and I was almost late to work so I had to speed walk/run from the bus stop to the office. Long story short, wearing the boots were tiring and a bit painful. Gotta wear heels sometimes though.

November 14

When I got to the office, I saw that Y gave me 2 donuts for breakfast. Turns out her sister’s boyfriend works at Mister Donut so she usually has free donuts for breakfast/just to eat throughout the day. I ended up eating one as a snack and took the other one home to give to my boyfriend. Today was more boring than yesterday because I didn’t have a lot of work. It’s weird how I’m the type of person that looks for work when I should be happy not to be working anyway or not to have a heavy workload. Oops. In the late afternoon someone gave us a lot of snacks (fried food) so we ate those for dinner. Yay for free food!

November 15

Do you know what some of the hardest things about working in another country are? Not only do you have to deal/adjust to the work culture, you also have to adjust to the country’s culture as well. That’s what I realized during today’s team building event. Enough about that. I’ll just talk about the day in general. We went to Yuanshan and had a race type of event wherein we had to go to different stations and perform different tasks in order to move on to the next station. In the end, the team with the most points wins. After that, we played this right/wrong category elimination game wherein the last person standing wins a prize. Then, we had the closing ceremony and we headed to 海霸王 for a lunch buffet. It was drizzling that day and I was pretty tired from running around so I went home after the event and took a nap. Prepared a simple salad for dinner.


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