Hello November!


November was off to a good start as I had plans on the first weekend of the month. Yesterday, B and I went to Holiday Inn Shenkeng to try their lunch buffet. Service started at 2:30 and ended at 4:30. It was pretty disappointing because I expected more choices (especially meat) but there weren’t that much. They had temaki (sushi cones) but it was just filled with egg and salad dressing. I would’ve wanted it to have seafood or meat. The “saving grace” of the buffet were the shrimp and baby octopus, in my opinion. I had a lot of those.

On Sunday, I had brunch with my British friend. He wanted me to teach/show him the basics of EndNote in exchange for brunch. At first, I wasn’t too keen on meeting up because we weren’t really close, and I felt like I didn’t know enough about EndNote (maybe just the basics) for me to teach/talk to him about it and for him to treat me to a meal. Glad that I pushed through with it because I learned more about him and I learned some trivia (like about marathon) over the course of almost 2 hours.

The rest of the week was filled with work and food adventures.

After more than 3 years in Taiwan, I’ve finally tried Ikea’s food. I’ve been wanting to try it but I didn’t frequent the area before, and now I do because my office is located in the vicinity. Apparently, it’s a self-service type of thing wherein you fall in line, get a tray (better to get a pushcart if you’re just 1 person falling in line for a meal that’s for 2 or more people), get whatever you want to eat/drink, and then proceed to the counter to pay. We had the salmon fillet with vegetable medallion, and the 15-piece Swedish meatballs with a side of mashed potatoes. The food was good and it wasn’t that expensive. Would definitely go back in the future.

On her last day at work, I also had lunch with my supposed co-department colleague. It’s such a shame that I didn’t even get to know her better before she left, aside from some mornings wherein we would eat breakfast side-by-side and talk about stuff. It’s also a bit saddening to see her go because she was supposed to be my companion in our department (which only has 2 other members – the manager and the senior member that’s been there for around 3 years). We were supposed to be the 2 new members. Oh well. I hope they find someone that’s as nice and as friendly as her, and one I can really get along with.

Found out that my colleague was leaving so we decided to have lunch on her last day at work. :( my order took longer to arrive because of a slight mix up so they gave me a free chawanmushi as a way of apologizing. :)) hahaha seems like I’m always “lucky” when it comes to these things. — From my Instagram page

Went to a general merchandise store because I wanted to buy some Christmas decors but they didn’t have any, except for (expensive) Christmas trees. I liked the gardening section though. — From my Instagram page

Had a little time to walk around Maji Square before heading to dinner with fellow Filipino scholars. Happy to have been with people that can speak Filipino and happy to have eaten free food!!! I look fat in the group photo though! — From my Instagram page

I also got my first salary after a month of working. Yaaay! I’m really happy that the taxation system here is better than that in the Philippines (and I really hope it gets better for the PH because the taxes we pay end up in the wrong pockets and aren’t used to truly develop the country), which means that they don’t have a high tax rate, and I get to take home a bigger share of my salary. Wee!


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