[Philippines] Therese Eats: Mom and Tina’s


I wasn’t supposed to be part of this breakfast, but for some reason, Dom texted me the night before and asked if I wanted to join them. Since I didn’t have any plans in the morning, I decided to go. He picked me up at home and we went to Jona’s and then to Paul’s homes to pick them up. We ended up going to Mom and Tina’s because Paul wanted to have brunch, and other restaurants didn’t have the type of brunch (??) he was looking for. Hahaha. Paul was also in the Philippines on a short vacation as he is currently working in Singapore.

Dom ordered a lot of desserts for everyone to share. My main order was the Roast Beef Set, if I’m not mistaken. I didn’t know that it had rice and mashed potatoes. Talk about carbo overload. I gave most of the rice to Jona because I couldn’t finish it. I still had around 1/4 of it though, because what’s a meal without rice, right? Heehee, it’s the Filipino in me!


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