October 2014


Hi. I have actually put off writing this blog because I don’t know where to start but since October has ended and we are yet another new month I thought why not I have to write even if it’s just one entry per month. First of all, hello November! A part of me is pretty excited that it’s almost December because that’s my favorite month of the year, but another part is kind of sad because the year is about to end. It passed by so fast, yet again!

The past month has been pretty hectic and stressful because I started work last October 1 and so I was exposed to a new environment and to new experiences. I started working in this freight forwarding and logistics company. One of the main reasons why I chose to work in this company or in this field is because I was really or I am really interested to learn more about it. I don’t know if I’ve said this before in this blog but I worked in a similar company back when I first graduated from college from university. Back then I work for a shipping company called Maersk which, as far as I know, is largest shipping company in the world. I worked in the Middle America cluster and to be more specific, I handled exports from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador. I may have only worked there for 3 months but I really enjoyed those 3 stressful months because of my colleagues.

I’m currently interning for the import department, and it’s been nerve-wracking because I always have to use Chinese and I also have to take and make calls. I’ve always been nervous when it comes to talking over the phone, so this is good practice for me. Our department is also very busy because of the amount of imports coming from all over the world, so we often have to work overtime. There are times I get tired from doing some of the same things over and over again, but all in all, I still like working here because of my colleagues who are all very nice people, and because I get to gain confidence and I still get to learn new things.

Having afternoon tea with my cousin at Mr. Papa

I think it’s a bit expensive, but it was worth a try. YogurtArt with my friends from university. Reminds me of all the frozen yogurt stores that we have back in the Philippines.

That’s pretty much what has happened to me in October – days and nights filled with work. I go home tired and then I have dinner and go to bed. It’s the same thing everyday. There were some weekends when I went out with friends, and there was also that one long weekend where I went to Miaoli with my cousin and her friends. I’d never been there, so when my cousin invited me to go with them, I jumped at the opportunity. We were able to go to a lot of places despite only staying there for a 2 days. We didn’t get to do much on the second day though, because it kept raining the whole day. However, we were still able to visit the main “tourist-y” places there, which is what I usually like to do if it’s my first time visiting a city/country.

Chateau in the Sky 天空之城

Remains of the Longteng Bridge 龍騰斷橋

I love this store that sells a lot of lavender items and has really cute stuff!


Bought lavender soy candles. Smells soo good!

It was my first time to eat honey fresh from the honeycomb. Yuuum!

I was randomly approached to participate in KFC’s taste testing mini FGD. They’re thinking of coming out with a new egg tart flavor (lemon and white chocolate), and I’m glad I was able to try it.


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