The past few days aka some of my bum days


Warning: Some graphic pictures ahead. Proceed with caution.

I’ve been waiting on documents and that’s why I’ve basically spent the past few weeks/days bumming around or running small errands. Now that things are officially falling into place, things are slowly starting to sink in.

Before that, let’s go through some of the pictures I’ve taken over the past few days. This one below is the mold that was used for the cover of my thesis. If you know how much this costs, you’d think that it’s a waste of money because really, when am I ever going to use this again?! Furthermore, if you think about how they make one like this for everyone who prints and binds their thesis, then you’d think about all that waste. Can’t they make an editable mold or something? That way, they just have to change the letters/characters and then they can reuse it.


My boyfriend and I were looking for a place to eat, and we decided to try out Relish Cafe along Minquan Street. They didn’t really have a lot of food offerings that we liked, so we ended up ordering fish and a tuna sandwich. They were so-so, kinda expensive.

I had brunch at Mini Diner after I went to the hospital for my check-up. I ordered the chicken quesadilla. YUM!

This is the graphic picture. Hahaha. My boyfriend decided to give me a foot peeling thing wherein you basically soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes (I think?) and then you wrap your feet in the foot peeling thing and wait for around an hour or so. After that, just rinse your feet and that’s it. You’re going to start peeling within/after a week, and it really works! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of the packaging/brand so I don’t remember what it is. The soles of my feet are smoother now.

Taiwan celebrated Father’s Day this month (August 8 八八 – because it sounds similar to 爸爸, which is father) so my cousins bought tiramisu cake for their dad/my uncle. This tastes good. It’s more of like an ice cream sandwich and that’s why you have to keep it in the freezer, and take it out around 10-15 minutes before you want to eat it to let it defrost a bit. It’s also pretty cheap – around 200+NTD (New Taiwan Dollars).

Richelle and I had an afternoon date at Shida. We went to Vino Vino for coffee/snack, and then we went to the Shida night market to go shopping! We didn’t buy a lot though. I was looking for clothes that I could wear to the office and I only bought 1 top, and she was able to buy some accessories.

This is a picture of me reading #GIRLBOSS while drinking my favorite cup of Barista 2-in-1 coffee + milk. I really like its taste.

Below is a picture of my follow up appointment at the hospital. I waited for more than an hour only to talk to the doctor for less than 5 minutes because he said that there’s nothing wrong with my test results. It’s good that I’m healthy and all, but they could’ve just called me to say that (ha! Wishful thinking) and I wouldn’t have to spend time or money for the appointment.

I posted the following pictures on my Instagram account, and I’ll just use the same caption I used there.

On one of those solo errand days, I came across this restaurant that offered wifi connection, electrical sockets, and unlimited seating time. Perfect for an afternoon of browsing the net and reading. I also liked that the restaurant was a bit dim but that each table had its own light source. That and the wooden tables. :D at night, I got to eat at one of my fave restos – Shark Bites Toast. Yum!

Weekend brunch date. I still think I kind of look like a boy with my hair up but it was super hot so whatevsss. I want an egg shell chair (?). Lastly, Chuckie will also remain to be the scariest character from my childhood.



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