Random thoughts: Language certifications


I personally don’t believe in language certifications because I think that it’s only a matter of preparation. If you spent a lot of time preparing for these tests then you’re going to get a good result. I say this because I’ve sat in on an interview wherein this person was being asked questions in English, and she had to answer in English too, of course. I wouldn’t say that her English is bad, but I wouldn’t say it’s remarkable either (I’m not saying I have perfect English, because I sure don’t). However, I recently found out she got an 8.0 IELTS score, and a 980 TOEIC score. Pretty impressive. She spent a year preparing for those exams, which I guess is one of the main reasons why she scored well.


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    • Hmm, I don’t think it would be that extreme. I think that it really had to do with the 1-year preparation. Imagine spending hours each day for one whole year preparing for a test. Surely that’s what led her to get good results. That and maybe she only took the reading and listening comprehension tests? Or are you required to take even the speaking and writing ones?


  1. I have the same feeling about language certifications. They are only a snapshot of a person’s language ability. Maybe this is also why for some tests the scores are only valid for a certain amount of time. But will a job seeker need to keep taking the test over and over if the score is only valid for a few years?


    • Aren’t there some tests like the DELE that have lifetime validity? I’m not sure if they already changed it but that’s what I know. As for language certifications that are only valid for a couple of years, I think it depends on the requirements of the company/institution. Some would accept job seekers with expired certificates. It’s so expensive to keep taking the tests, but I guess it really depends on where/how the person is going to use the certificate.


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